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The Toughest Woman in Detroit?

From Essence Magazine, a profile of the Wayne County, Mich. prosecutor, Kym L. Worthy. Here's the story.

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    What Rosa Parks did is of great importance, symbolic or not.

    Kim, in my opinion, is fulfilling upon the promise that Rosa opened.

    They are great women and can be mentioned in the same breath.

    And Kim's burden cannot be resolved by a quick refusal to get up and move.

    She is a great American.


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    Nonsense if she was so tough how come TIME did not even mention her or any other Black people in thier list of the Top VIPS in the city????

    Fact is Kym is an average litigator and lousy personal and public business manager who has shown the inability to balance the budget of her office/home affairs...

    Kym is over the top with her obession and fixation on KK.... When those involved in DPS in excess of 50,000,000 dollars in questionable real estate deals get a pass and are not even subject to a public hearing( another reason why Bobb is full of it and all talk is how he retreated and did not have public hearings on the real estate dealings)

    KYM and Bobb shared a similar theme however in this region whenever a important and significant Black leader panders, appeases and kiss the feet of the white ruling class in this region they are given privledged status and annoited as saints, king, queens etc..

    This is a tragic reality of the nature of racism in this region how a few coloreds and negroes who do not speak with a negro diallect are given preferential status..

    It is an insult to those of us who have labored and suffered in the battle for civil rights that some people have the audacity to play the game of comparisons with our Icons like Rosa Parks..Please get a grip!!!!

    No Black person would utter such fiction

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