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MLK and The D

Shortly before he gave his historic "I Have A Dream" speech at the March on Washington in 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. previewed parts of that same speech in Detroit in June of that year at the Detroit "Freedom Walk." The march along Woodward Avenue (captured in that grainy picture above) drew about 125,000 participants, including local luminaries such as Walter Reuther and Rev. C.L. Franklin. At the time, the Detroit march was the largest civil-rights march in history.

Here's a text of that speech if you're interested.

(I also found a transcript to another potent speech King gave a few months later, in December, when he returned to the state for a speech at Western Michigan University. Also worth reading...)

King's last speech in the area came in March 1968, when he spoke in to a tense and packed house at Grosse Pointe High (now Grosse Pointe South), delivering a powerful keynote entitled "The Other America." You can hear an audio clip here.

Just wanted to give a brief nod to the man...Feel free to share relevant thoughts, comments, information, etc., about Dr. King and his relationship to Detroit and our struggles, past and present. Good book and film recommendations are always appreciated.

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    My favorite MLK moment is once I was taking a sauna on MLK in the Jewish Community Center In W.Bloomfield, MI years ago... It was very foggy in the sauna so during some chatter a voice yelled out I am tired of NIGGERS coming in here using our sauna I hope they stay in Detroit...The person kept repeating NiGGERS should stay in Detroit

    After I heard these comments I came out of the sauna and stood in front of the door when all the white men came out of the sauna....I demanded that they point out the person who made the statement none of the white men in the sauna came forth to id the person.

    I then followed each man to thier locker and took thier names which was on thier locker. I then reported them all to the mgt and I then protested for a week in the sauna. ...I was able to then get an apology letter from the person who called me a nigger as well as the JCC.., I was also able to secure from the JCC a series of signs to be posted in the locker rooms that no racial slurs would be allowed etc...

    It was a small victory but one I will always cherish especially when I am in a sauna..

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    I was married to a Beautiful Black Woman who had the finest TAS and Legal secretarial buisness in Detroit and would assert that you could probably expand that to include the whole USA. Since she sang backup to Mahalia at Carnegie Hall you can imagine that her voice was stunningly beautiful. Martha and Diana grew up with her.

    She was killed by a drunk driving, and possibly doped up, white kid in Mt. Clemens. (Being on Marijuana while driving is not an offense in Michigan because the legislators have big problems with the content of their character).

    There were no skid marks and the Durango that she was in was pummeled viciously and totaled.

    This is only 7 years ago and you know what? The Police weren't going to give him a ticket. How about that? So I got in with the Detectives and asked to see their investigation and evidentiary reports and pressed them hard to issue the ticket including causing a death.

    Sensing some reluctance in Mt Clemens I got ahold of the County Prosecutor Carl Marlenga at a Geoffrey Fieger Roast and asked him to look into it. He told me of losing 4 family members in a similar and understood. The County Prosecuted.

    The kid got two years and I got to watch his girlfirend try and push and badger the rep from MADD. He tried to get out early and I testified again. But he may have gotten out early although the Judge ruled against him.
    They were supposed to notify me upon his release but they never did.

    Shades of the Ol'e South.

    So when I marched today in Dr. Jenkins revival of the parade I couldn't help reflect upon many things. Not the least of which was recently finding some of My Wife's handwriting. It was Beautiful too.

    So, although what I am going to say may belong on the Blog on Bobb, I refuse to continue there for the vicious attacks of a disgruntled person.

    This is about the notion of the content of Character.

    If the Russian "Commies" that we used to so worry about had set about to ruin America they woud have put in place Exactly what the Ed Schools at the Universities have done. They would start a movement to disparage rote learning see it instituted, and then sit back and laugh at the fools.

    The New Math has been a sheer and utter disaster and teachers having been educated in the period since the 70's have gone a long way towards ruining our children.

    So the Ed School philosophers destroyed the teaching of Penmanship, Arithmetic, English, Shop, Drafting, and Homemaking. They thought that they were appealing to the intellect in all of us.

    That Is why there needs to be a vigorous movement to restore many of the long lost "arts". To dump children into high school who do not know the rudiments is beyond shameful, it is evil.

    I think that Dr. King would understand this and would have joined hands in a march upon the Capital to restore real quality education. And that very definetly includes rote learning.

    The teachers have been destroying our kids based upon absurd abstract philosophies.

    Look at what's happening in India and China... Believe it, they use rote learning.

    The Second graders should be confronted with the Addition Table and told that they have to learn it or they will not pass, Third, the subtraction table, 5th the multiplication table and 6th the elements of division. The kids should know this cold.

    And, of course there is a lot more that they should learn including good penmanship.

    So will Bobb and Jennifer go to the Ed Schools or have them come to Lansing with outlines of how they are going to resurrect fine education?

    The elementary teachers clearly have flunked and instituted low expectations and the attendant disaster.

    Bobb absolutely had to step in and we remain hopeful that he will pull it off. Dr. King could then say, "Look, here, see this man! Tell me about the content of his character. Isn't he magnificent? He surely is!"

    This is long past due. Do it for Glenda Ann or do it for the children, or whoever you admire, But Do It!


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    Bobb is a mercenarie hired by state of michigan to destroy an elected school board and render coloreds and negroes in the city null and void..

    Of course Black folks like me will not let that happen...

    Happy MLK Day

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