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Visiting Detroit: Time Inc.'s CEO

This week in Detroit: Time Inc. CEO Ann Moore. She'll address Inforum, a group of women executives, at the Detroit Renaissance Center. In Sunday's Detroit Free Press, she explained part of why we've bought a house near downtown Detroit to spend roughly a year covering efforts to revive one of America's great cities, and regions. We've done cover stories for TIME, Fortune and Sports Illustrated, and text and video pieces for and More stuff's in the works. So stay tuned. And let us know what you think.

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    Miss Moore, if you, and your magazine empire, are really serious about reviving, "one of America's great cities, and regions" you might start with a more balanced style of reporting which was not evident in your October 5, 2009 issue of TIME, "The Tragedy of Detroit".

    Tell me how the photographs chosen to represent Detroit, from the cover to those in the article itself, are meant to revive Detroit. Put yourself in the position of a reader looking at those pictures and reading about a city in ruins and what do you think your impression of Detroit might be? Would you move here? Would you locate your business here? Just where is the balance?

    In your one sided coverage, I didn't see any pictures of Detroit's Riverwalk, GM's Rencen headquarters or their Tech Center in Warren (part of metro Detroit). There was nothing shown of the magnificent Fisher and Guardian Bldgs or the view of our city from Windsor, Ontario or Scott's Fountain on Belle Isle. A picture of an ore freighter moving majestically through the blue (yes blue) waters of the Detroit River would have been inspiring. Where was the coverage of the Grosse Pointes and Lake Shore Drive or beautiful Birmingham and Cranbrook in Bloomfield Hills? Did you bother to send a reporter and photographer to Dearborn and the Henry Ford and Greenfield Village?

    No Miss Moore, you didn't do any of those things. You chose the low road. In contrast, just one month later your November 2, 2009 issue, glorifies California as if California, so adept at glorifying itself, needed any outside help. (TIME Oct. 5, 2009 "The Tragedy of Detroit". TIME Nov. 2, 2009 "Why California Is Still America's Future"). To disparage Detroit while glorifying California, a state with its own serious problems, which has long coveted Detroit's auto industry and at the same time, done the most to bring it to ruin, is rubbing salt into the wound.

    You have your reasons for publishing this. I suppose that sensationalism sells magazines but if you were hoping for a scoop, then you are a day late and a dollar short. I'm sure you have access to the December 29, 2008 issue of The Weekly Standard. Their 18 page slam on Detroit is even more vitriolic than yours. But that is only one of many other Detroit slams. For a city and her people who have given so much to this country, in peace and in war, we deserve better treatment than this. So Miss Moore, if this is your idea of help, then, please, don't do us any more favors.

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    I agree with Jeff9809, Detroit is tired of being crapped on by the media.

    Detroit built America and we deserve better treatment than this.

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