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Either With Us Or Against Us?

I was living in New York City when terrorists brought down the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, and I remember clear as day the way people rallied around President George W. Bush in the aftermath of the attack, setting aside party differences and ideological conflicts in favor of a unified front shown to the world. Of course the goodwill extended to Bush didn't last forever -- but it still was very much real, even if short-lived.

Now, nine years later, back home in Detroit and looking around at the reaction in the aftermath of yet another terror attempt (this one thankfully botched), I can't help but wonder why President Barack Obama can't get even a modicum of this kind of support. Instead, barely two weeks out from the incident, even as we still work to piece together what happened and what went wrong, the President's ideological opponents just won't stop reaching for dull knives in petty attempts to hamstring the man...

Harry Truman made "the buck stops here" the motto of his presidency and set a standard for accepting responsibility for the workings of an administration.

None of that for Obama. He has set himself up as the aggrieved party, as angry and appalled as everyone else that the terrorist was allowed to board the plane.

Listen, I'm not saying don't criticize the man. I'm not against that at all. But really, do so many of these criticisms from what many regard as respected perches have to be such a reach, so groundless and silly? Do they have to seem so crass and opportunistic? And why is that we never heard these same folks level these same criticisms at Bush in the wake of the 9/11 attacks or even Richard Reid's failed shoe-bombing? Three thousand Americans died on Bush's watch, and we still haven't caught man behind it all. Even so, Dubya never once "owned" anyone's failures (not even his own) -- and so many of the same people who jump feet first on Obama now never made so much as a peep in '01.

I dunno. Maybe back then it was considered "patriotic" to silently watch that proverbial buck reach the President's desk and whiz on by.

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