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The Case of Abdulmutallab

Still making sense of the case of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the 23-year-old Nigerian accused of trying to destroy Northwest Airlines Flight 253 as it neared Detroit on Christmas Day. Here's TIME's piece about Abdulmutallab's privileged upbringing and terrorists' recruitment of wealthy, disaffected young Nigerian Muslims. Abdulmutallab remains in a federal detention facility in Milan, Mich., about an hour's drive southwest of Detroit. (For photos of Abdulmutallab's upbringing, click here.)

There's growing debate about where Abdulmutallab should be prosecuted, and by whom. Meanwhile, President Obama interrupted his Hawaiian vacation to address his administration's handling of the attempted explosion, for which al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility.

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    Why the extended narrative he is s criminal suspect no more no less..All the other noise is the usual chatter and propaganda from the MSM and the government...

    This is a garden variety criminal matter no more no less..

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      [ "This is a garden variety criminal matter . . . ]
      Really? That's how you see this, honestly now?
      So then perhaps you thought 9/11 involved a series of aviation incidents? . . . And the Kennedy assassinations were gun crimes. . . . And the Civil War was a federalism dispute gone wild.
      Look, I get that customary federal criminal procedures should apply, as they will. No sane person -- and certainly not "the usual chatter from the MSM and the government" -- suggests prosecuting Umar at a military tribunals as an enemy combatant. Habeas corpus will not be lifted. A competent defender will be appointed. (He'll have more legal safeguards than in Yemen or Saudi Arabia, in other words.)
      But "garden variety criminal matter"? Hardly, G.T.

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    Yeah at end of the day this is a garden variety criminal matter not another billion dollar war on terrorism..BTW the sane person which has adocated he should be tried as an enemy combatant is a our congress rep. Candice Miller..

    My premise remains the same terrorists are criminals criminals are terrorists we do not need to reinvent the law enforcement wheel our preent criminal justice system is a functional model..

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