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On Northwest Flight 253, Overreaction -- and Racial Profiling?

Sunday's incident – or non-incident – aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit raises some key questions: Did passengers overreact – and engage in racial profiling?

Here are the key details: During Sunday's flight to Detroit, a Nigerian businessman got up from his seat, went to the bathroom and, apparently, stayed too long. The flight's passengers and crew – and, certainly, anyone with a television, radio or Internet access – was already on edge because of Friday's incident in which Umar Faruk Abdulmutallab, a 23-year-old Nigerian, allegedly tried to ignite explosives aboard the same flight from Amsterdam. The crew aboard Sunday's flight radioed for emergency vehicles to be on the tarmac during landing at Detroit's international airport. Exactly what happened to the businessman in the minutes before and during landing is unclear. He was questioned by the authorities, and released. The authorities say there's no reason to believe Detroit is a target for a terrorist attack – that it's just a coincidence that both cases involved young men who went to the bathroom aboard Detroit-bound flights from Amsterdam on Northwest Airlines, which was recently acquired by Delta.

The scene inside Detroit's international airport on Sunday, Dec. 27, about 11:30a.m., shortly before the arrival of Northwest Flight 253. Photo by Steven Gray/TIME

Meanwhile, details about Abdulmutallab's background are emerging, like this piece in the Nigerian newspaper, This Day. The cases have frazzled nerves, and prompted officials, at least in the U.S., to toughen security measures. But is racial or ethnic profiling ever justified - and, if so, when, and why?

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  • 1

    Racial profiling continues to exist in our nation it is never justified in a nation with a wicked and twisted racial legacy..

    Minorities in our nation where legal racism was a part of the fabric of our country will always be subject to the insane indignity of racism including of course racial profiling.

    I recall once as a kid being in Hudson's Department store and the security was so fixated on me and my friends that a bunch of young white female teens shoplifted almost all of the bras and panties on display..

    Racial profiling is a great diversion for the agenda's of others..

  • 2

    Racial profiling is really just an ad hominem attack in that it is not actually based upon a person's intent, action, etc. That said - and I realize it's not in any way PC to racially profile - I'm a little split on whether or not it's justified. While I think that someone's behavior should be "weighted" more when deciding who to view as a potential threat, if "Group A" has a real statistical and idealogical history where they are significantly more likely to do something bad than "Group B," then I think it DOES make sense to pay a little extra attention to Group A, while still not ignoring Group B and watching for actual behavioral markers that are suspect.

    • 2.1

      You are walking down a sidewalk and a group of 5 white guys ages 17-22 are walking towards you. They are wearing khakis, and button down shirts tucked in. The next day at the same time you are walking the same sidewalk, and a group of 17-22 year old guys are walking at you again. This group has hats tilted, baggy pants, and walk with swaggers. For which group do you keep your guard up the most. Let's say it's 11:00 at night, and few people are around. If you don't put your guard up for the gangster looking group, then I guess Darwin is right.

  • 3

    Race-driven profiling harms those who're targeted, as well as society overall. It's lazy, lousy law enforcement.
    That said, if I were on Sunday's Flight 253, there's no doubt I'd have worried about what seemed like a scary pattern repeat and would have wanted appropriate attention to be paid.
    Prudence can trump political correctness.
    I'd rather risk what seems like profiling than ignore what seems like a real and present danger.
    Imagine yourself in the Nigerian businessman's row Sunday, Steven. No alarm about his extended lavatory use and refusal to emerge when requested by a crew member? You'd really just have continued reading a Time, Inc. publication with calm unconcern?
    Given the timing and other circumstances, I respectfully suggest no overreaction occurred.

    • 3.1

      I suspect that most of the people arguing that prudence should trump political correctness are people, mostly white (we'll call them Group A), who have never been direct victims of racism in its most overt forms. These same people should, of course, not complain when people who have been victims of racism, mostly non-white people (Group B), suspect racism in the behavior of white people and the institutions that provide them with privilege. After all, Group B is just exercising prudence over political correctness, given that Group A is often guilty of subjecting Group B to racism.

    • 3.2

      On the group A vs B issue, there are some little things left out over it, that are very revelent to it. 1. There was a time when "Society" looked at the Irish in that way (Irish are White) 2. You cant get over racism if everyone uses it as a ploy! 3. If it is ok in society to use dispareging terms in the way you talk to others in your own ethnic groups then why is it wrong to use it outside your groups or in front of others. To end racism is to teach all to not talk and use those terms so openly. How many people talk like that and make money off it, yet thank God when they win an award. It is hard to believe that one will be soo religious as to thank God, yet go on and on about drugs, murder, and violent acts against others. 4. But remeber this if you teach kids not to do it then it will end, but when you teach kids that certin things happen because of "color" then all you are doing is spreading the hate and teaching the younger ones to use it and complain when they feel wronged. I see it all the time in what I do.
      I am neither all white, all black. I'm half Irish, half American Indian. So to say that it is just a A vs B is wrong, it is an American Issue. If you are born American then teach American. Teach unity and respect, not use color as an issue. Kids arent born knowing right from wrong they are tough by you. My daughter is dating a young man from the B group and I think it is great. There are no boundries there. But yet she and I see nothing wrong with "color" just a young man she likes and he likes her.
      So I implore you all to get off the A vs B stuff and move on with teaching the younger gerneration compassion and understanding

  • 4

    Profiling is what has been keeping Israeli cities safer these days. I believe that it only makes sense, since there are very few non-Islamic persons (if any) affiliated with Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups that target America. Except for a few home-grown terrorists, such as Timothy McVeigh, the Unabomber and a couple of others, and some kids who shoot at their class-mates, I can only remember muslim radicals from several countries. I strongly disagree with the PC movement when the security of the majority is at stake or when everyone is inconvenienced by rules such as not being able to stand on a flight, having to be at the airport 3 or more hours before a flight that might not last more than one hour, with the strip searching of sometimes elderly ladies who otherwise never have to go through such embarrassment. I was strip-searched almost at the door of my plane because of what they called "random selection."

    • 4.1

      There have been far more assaults against the US population in the US by homegrowns than there have been by those tied to foreign extremist groups. Prior to McVeigh's Oklahoma City bombing one of the worst terrorist/protest attacks was by an anti-tax protester in Bath, MI ~
      The Sunday incident wasn't racial profiling, it was behavior driven. Had the Nigerian businessman made a routine trip to the bathroom there wouldn't have been an issue. Had a non-Nigerian businessman locked himself in the bathroom on that flight and refused entry to anyone for an undue period of time the reaction to him would have been the same as it was on Sunday. It was about the behavior, not the race or national origin of the person (Why would anyone deny entry to flight crew staff just because they were sick?? If you were really that sick wouldn't you want help??)

  • 5

    [...] Read more on Time Magazine [...]

  • 6

    Well it is a fact that not all Nigerians are Muslims, not all Muslims are terrorists, however since 9-11 it is a fact that all terrorists are Muslims. Had there been more profiling of suspected terrorists 9-11 might have been avoided and some 3000 people would be alive today. Not to mention all the solders and civilians that have died in this war.

    If racial profiling is what it takes to save lives we should be there. It would save lives on all sides.

    • 6.1

      "Muslim" and "Islamic" are not racial indicators. You cannot look at someone and identify their religion unless they indicate it by behaviour or specific dress (and even then there can be similarities in behavior or dress within non-religious groups or ethnicities - e.g. women wearing or not wearing headscarves).

    • 6.2

      No need to toss out sense and decency in the name of security. Racial or ethnic profiling is not what it takes to save lives, and not what I meant to suggest earlier.
      'AnOunceOfAction' says it best by focusing on behavior profiling.
      Consider Umar Faruk Abdulmutallab's behavior even before boarding Flight 253:
      * He paid $2,831 in cash for his ticket at a KLM office in Accra, Ghana, on Dec. 16, the Wall Street Journal reports today, quoting Nigeria's Civil Aviation Authority director.
      * He traveled alone.
      * His only luggage was a carry-on bag, according to the Journal.
      Ding, ding and ding on any reasonable behavior profile checklist, I would hope. No full-size suitcase for a transatlantic flight?!
      As for yesterday's alarm, behavior triggered caution about an innocent traveler who seemed to act suspiciously on the wrong flight at the wrong time.
      I do understand why people of any color could suspect racism -- which is as real and reprehensible as . . . well, as the threat of terrorism. We live in a dangerous time for members of all races, all religions.

      We're in this together, not in Group A or Group B. Al Qaeda sees only Group USA.

  • 7

    You are wrong. To protect our people we have to profile. My grand daughter understood it when she was singled out at SFO because of her dark skin. After 9-11. I did not, but she told me Grand pa, They are only doing what they have to keep me safe and every one else.

    She was six years old. Why can you not understand. I guess you would give my life up to keep terrorists on the move with out check.

    • 7.1

      There are risks that need to be understood and assumed if one wants to keep a free and open society (i.e. "freedom) viable. If you are truly concerned with your safety you should be more concerned with the level of gun violence in the US because it presents a much greater risk to your well-being than the threat of a terrorist attack on US interests.

  • 8

    News like this suggests Corperate America has learned nothing from Sept. 11th attacks: The commotion began as Northwest Airlines Flight 253, carrying 278 passengers and 11 crew members from Amsterdam, prepared to land in Detroit just before noon Friday. Travelers said they smelled smoke, saw a glow, and heard what sounded like firecrackers. At least one person climbed over others and jumped on the man, who officials say was trying to ignite an explosive device.
    All kinds of specified guidelines and rules have been set in place regarding carry-ons and the such, but what good has it done? Everyone is so worried about infringing on the individuals right as a customer of an airline to have carry-ons that instead of doing what should have been done a long time ago, we have only created a bigger headache for ourselves. Long lines of people whos carryon belongings are being searched, confiscated, thrown away, etc. Why not do away with carry-ons all together? Yes, I know, of course a few exceptions such as an individuals pills, or, maybe for the buisness class, computers etc., would still have to be alloud in the cabin area; but all other items and material could be placed with the luggage. Is it infringing upon the rights of an individual to do this? Some would say yes. But what about the right of the individual to have a safe flight (no matter how long or short) from point A to point B without worrying if the passenger next to them has the compontents in the over head storage compartment to blow up the plane! Furthermore what about my right to live through a plane ride; the ticket price of which I would like my family ( all families) to never have to consider (or consider again) as the first payment in a long line of unexpected funeral costs; all of which could have been avoided by simply saying no more unecessary carry-ons. WE'RE PAYING TO FLY NOT TO DIE!
    So how about a little more "out of the box thinking" from the side of our beloved airlines so that another episode like the one on Northwest Airlines Flight 253, carrying 278 passengers and 11 crew members, doesn't happen again! How about we ask the family members of each one of those servivers of this "almost" tragedy what they think? The fault of the situation, of course, is still with the individual whom attempted this dastardly act; but if we don't allow ourselves to become better prepared and learn from this situation, then we are and the airlines are no better than the individual originally responsible. "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice...." We pay to fly, not to die; so lets not be fooled twice.

  • 9

    To lessen the problem we have to inforce laws. Some people come here where life is not important. I think they should see that in America life is just for all and all important. We want all to live in peace. We can not have that with people who want to kill us.

    They have leveled death on americans and we have to do what ever we have to to protect our people no matter what their race.

    Do not complicate the matter with profiling or other crap. These people want to distroy our life style and lives.

  • 10

    uh, Did I miss something or was there not a report that this guys butt was on fire?

    So, let me get this straight, it is considered profiling even though there is smoke coming out of the guy and he is sitting with smoke coming out of him and a syringe that is purported to have some type of explosive chemical?

    if it swims like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck then its a duck you moron!

    • 10.1

      The flaming ass incident occurred on a Friday. The incident/non-incident addressed in this blog post took place the following Sunday on the same carrier, flight number, and route as Friday's flight - different incident, no flaming asses
      . least not on the plane.

  • 11

    I remember this quiz from a few years ago....

    1. In 1968 Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed by:
    a. Superman
    b. Jay Lenno
    c. Harry Potter
    d. Muslim male extremist between the ages of 17 and 40

    2. In 1972 at the Munich Olympics, athletes were kidnapped and massacred by:
    a. Olga Corbett
    b. Sitting Bull
    c. Arnold Schwarzenegger
    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    3. In 1979, the US embassy in Iran was taken over by:
    a. Lost Norwegians
    b. Elvis
    c. A tour bus full of 80-year-old women
    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    4. During the 1980's a number of Americans were kidnapped in Lebanon by:
    a. John Dillinger
    b. The King of Sweden
    c. The Boy Scouts
    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    5. In 1983, the US Marine barracks in Beirut was blown up by:
    a. A pizza delivery boy
    b. Pee Wee Herman
    c. Geraldo Rivera
    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    6. In 1985 the cruise ship Achille Lauro was hijacked and a 70 year old American passenger was murdered and thrown overboard in his wheelchair by:
    a. The Smurfs
    b. Davy Jones
    c. The Little Mermaid
    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    7. In 1985 TWA flight 847 was hijacked at Athens, and a US Navy diver trying to rescue passengers was murdered by:
    a. Captain Kidd
    b. Charles Lindberg
    c. Mother Teresa
    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    8. In 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed by:
    a. Scooby Doo
    b. The Tooth Fairy
    c. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid
    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    9. In 1993 the World Trade Center was bombed the first time by:
    a. Richard Simmons
    b. Grandma Moses
    c. Michael Jordan
    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    10. In 1998, the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by:
    a. Mr. Rogers
    b. Hillary Clinton, to distract attention from Wild Bill' s women
    c. The World Wrestling Federation
    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    11. On 9/11/01, four airliners were hijacked; two were used as missiles to take out the World Trade Centers and of the remaining two, one crashed into the US Pentagon and the other was diverted and crashed by the passengers. Thousands of people were killed by:
    a. Bugs Bunny, Wiley E. Coyote, Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd
    b. The Supreme Court of Florida
    c. Mr. Bean
    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    12. In 2002 the United States fought a war in Afghanistan against:
    a. Enron
    b. The Lutheran Church
    c. The NFL
    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    13. In 2002 reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and murdered by:
    a. Bonnie and Clyde
    b. Captain Kangaroo
    c. Billy Graham
    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    Nope, .....I really don't see a pattern here to justify profiling, do you?

    • 11.1

      16,204 homicides in the US in the single year 2008...and no Muslim male extremists to blame...

    • 11.2

      Unable to respond to a dummy like you. I value my life and the life of my family. You are so dumb.

    • 11.3

      Anounce, according to your logic, no muslim is responsible for killing anyone in this country then. Wow, I guess I learn something new everyday. Of course, you may want to try and convince the families of the 3,000 that died in NY a few years back. You do remember that, don't you?

    • 11.4

      Those 3,000 occurred in 2001 and thus aren't part of the year 2008 numbers I specified.
      (However, even if they were they would constitute less than 20% of the total.)

    • 11.5

      Looking at one, homicide-ridden area of our country... In the District of Columbia, for example, there were 186 homicides in 2008 of which only 96 were solved leaving 90 murders unsolved. Just so I understand... You have a magical way of knowing that there were no muslims involved in any of those 90 unsolved homicides? I mean... if we use your numbers and the percentage of unsolved homicides in DC... wow! That means approx. 7,841 unsolved homicides exist today in the US for 2008. Not sure I would have stuck my neck out there and said that not one of them was committed by a muslim extremist.
      Also, just curious. How do you know that none of the 16,204 homicides for 2008 were committed by any muslim extremists? Where did you get that bit of information?

    • 11.6

      Feel free to document any 2008 homicide cases in the US where a Muslim male extremist was convicted. Let's see how many you can come up with.

    • 11.7

      Oh I don't know about 2008, but without much looking for things that happened in 2009.

      Nidal Malik Hasan in Fort Hood killing 13... islamic...

      Abdul hakim Mujahid Muhammad in Little Rock killing two soldiers in front of a recruiting station....

      Who knows how many this airplane guy could have killed had he been successful...

      On May 20, the FBI and New York Police Department arrested four radical Muslims for plotting to bomb a New York synagogue using improvised explosive devices with C-4 plastic explosives and to shoot down a military plane using a Stinger missile

      New York City. On September 23, a federal grand jury in New York indicted terror suspect Najibullah Zazi for conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction.

      Dallas skyscraper. Hosam Smadi, a Jordanian citizen, was arrested September 24 and charged with attempting to blow up the 60-story Fountain Place office tower in Dallas.

      I'm sure there are more if I bothered to dig more the then the .12 seconds it took me to google this info.... but eh, keep harrassing those old ladies because those canes can really hurt your shins if they hit you with them.....

    • 11.8

      I would hate to ask, where these all occured and if there were any similarities. Do you think there were any black on black, white on white, or hispanic on hispanic? Would they be racist too then? Or only when white does it to someone else?

    • 11.9

      Uh, for your information...

      Sirhan Sirhan, who shot Robert F. Kennedy, although of Palestinian descent, was born to Christian parents, and switched among Baptist, Seventh-Day Adventist, and occult religions as an adult.

      He was not a Muslim!


  • 12

    Sorry but I'd rather racially profile someone and LIVE to talk about it the next day than to not racially profile someone and die because of it.
    You liberal types can whine about it all you like but the fact of the matter is that our planes are not being attached by American-looking men. We are being assaulted by middle-eastern looking men and the next time I get on a plane, you can bet your ass that I'll be looking with a suspicious eye at anyone who looks the part... men, women or children.
    Don't worry, liberals... you can relax like you always do. We conservatives have your back.

    • 12.1

      you are sooooooo right. the people who wan to kill us would not agree. keep up the good work.

    • 12.2

      "We are being assaulted by middle-eastern looking men and the next time I get on a plane, you can bet your ass that I'll be looking with a suspicious eye at anyone who looks the part... men, women or children."

      1) You obviously haven't seen a picture of this guy.

      2) I doubt you can identify many men from the Middle East as being such - to assume you can reveals you have little to no exposure to them.

    • 12.3

      I have seen his picture. He is Nigerian. Clean cut. And racial profiling would not stop 100% of those that chose to kill us but I can guarantee you this... NOT racial profiling and hoping the threat just goes away will not help at ALL. It sounds as though you would just prefer that we all sit blindly by and depend on our government to protect us. VERY fatal logic on your part. So, by extension of your logic, Anounce, identifying a female, for instance, only goes to show that I have little or no exposure to them, huh? (please feel free to substitute the word dog, tree, asian, american indian, rock or any other word that you deem appropriate) I have to say... you last comment was just plain stupid. I may not be 100% correct every single time that I guess on a person's nationality but I am guessing that, if there's a bomb on the plane that I am on, I'll be able to guess at who's got it a lot easier than you... you'll be the one waiting for congress to pass a law to prevent that kind of thing probably. People that are unwilling to take a stand and take action should be the first to go by Natural Selection...

    • 12.4

      Nigeria isn't a Middle Eastern country.

    • 12.5

      didn;t say it was.

    • 12.6

      Well, if you're looking for Middle Eastern men who are assaulting airplanes, you're going to miss others like the Nigerians.

    • 12.7

      yes. he WAS nigerian and not muslim looking but he still was on a watch list. His father is an influential nigerian in america and his father warned many people about the fundamentalist tendencies of his son. He should have at least been screened extra in the fact that the US had been warned several times about him...

      Here are some of the facts that were chosen to be ignored:
      1. He is not allowed into britain except to transfer over (transit).
      2. His father had warned many people about his exremist views.
      3. He severed all ties with his family and moved to yemen where Al-Quaida now has a strong influence.
      4. He was on US reports saying that he had connections to the radical government in yemen AND Al-Quaida.
      5. He is believe to have contacted Anwar al-Alwaki who is the radical imam (spiritual leader) that Nidal Malik Hassan, who shot up Fort Hood, talked to about joining him in the afterlife after a jihad (which he later carried out).
      6. He was even on the US radar but they didn't think that having ties to AL-Quaida, Anwar, and having radical ideas was enough to do extra screening to send him through a "puffer machine".

      (sidenote...Anwar al-Alwaki is like the new Osama. many of the 9/11 hijackers were in contact with him and many recent terrorists have been linked to him)

      Also, this was just about the anniversary of the shoe bomber (and Umar used the same chemicals). Thankfully congress is urging the president NOT to repatriate guantanamo prisoners to yemen...That wouldn't be a good idea.

      Yes, he wouldn't have been caught by racial profiling but with the warnings that had been given to the US (plus suspicious behavior like no bags for an international flight, paying in cash, asking if a passport was necessary) he would have been at least further screened to the point that they would find the liquid he hid ON HIS BODY.

      It is not as much about racial profiling but profiling about possible terrorist ties.

    • 12.8

      hmmm...what do Muslims look like again??

    • 12.9

      Ignorance truly is bliss for you. yes he did not look like a muslim (Umar) but he WAS on a watch list of people who we suspected to be terrorists. we WERE warned by his influential father that he fell into the influence of Al-Quaida. He WAS in contact with Al-Quaida. He WAS also likely in contact with the imam Anwar al-Alwaki, a man who consuled the 9/11 attackers and the fort hood shooter. He WAS not allowed into England. He WAS known to be possibly interested in coming to america, since his dad had american ties. with all of this, it would make sense to at least somehow use a puffer machine on him...that would have been smart. Its stereotyping but his name is somewhat of a giveaway too...a puffer machine would have found something. he snuck it on ON HIS PERSON.

  • 13

    So now people who are actually alert and do something about suspicious people are going to be shamed by Time Magazine? Who cares what his race was - the guy was not behaving normally by staying too long in the bathroom. Which is the exact behavior of the previous bombmaker.

    Maybe Time Magazine only wants us to be on the lookout for white male terrorists? It's ok if that's how you feel, Time Magazine - just come out and say it.

    • 13.1

      The white male terrorists have been brain dead and have maked there side against society. We have to take them out to.

  • 14

    Criminals aka Terrorists come in alll hues..Racial profiling does nothing to prevent criminal aka terrorist acts..

    We are a nation of laws and we have a bill of rights...I will not accept any thing less...

    • 14.1

      sure would not want to be on a air travel with you!

    • 14.2

      Sorry, gthrasher, but I haven't seen or heard of any white, christian, Boy Scout-looking types that have tried to take down any planes lately. If you have, please forward those reports that you have on those to me and, until then, I'll racially-profile, thank you very much. Geez... people can be so blinded by politically correct crap sometimes.

    • 14.3

      No, the "white, christian, Boy Scout-looking types" tend toward pedophilia and serial killings.
      How's that for racial profiling??

    • 14.4

      Well, if this article were about serial killers, I'd have to say that you were probably right on the money.

  • 15

    When will we wake and realize that TSA is costing us billions and does absolutely NOTHING to improve your security when flying. The incident on NW 253 demonstrates that the only way the flying public can be assured no harm will come to them from other passengers is when all passengers fly NUDE with NO CARRY ON LUGGAGE and only after cavity searches as they enter the aircraft.

    Then once on board, they only need to be concerned that a member of the crews that maintain and clean aircraft or the flight crew have not smuggled weapons on board.

    What TSA has done is to overeact to eact incident causing significant inconvenience to millions of American Citizen's while costing billions in tax payer $.

    There must be a better way but if we wait for TSA to come up with it, it will never happen.

  • 16

    To hell with tender sensitivities of "minorities" and the est of the puling "gimme a handout" crowd. Americans know who the enemies are and, in general, what they look like. We need to stop pandering to the Left and start profiling these things at all transit nexuses.

  • 17

    The tender sensitivities of minorities are called the 'bill of rights' and the 'gimme a handout' crowd of late were white bankers on Wall Street..

    It always amazes me how easy it is for people to discard another's rights until of course someone fucks with thier rights..

    • 17.1

      If I'm not mistaken, those banker "handouts" that you referred to were loans to the banks that were subsequently paid back (because they bankers weren't willing to have their investment decisions overseen/controlled by the Obama administration) unlike the food stamp & welfare crowd that jonolan was talking about. Perhaps a little reading about the "handouts" on your part would have gone a long way toward your understanding of them. The incredibly abused food stamp & welfare program money is NEVER paid back. EVER. And is sucked up, chiefly, by people who votes with bleeding heart liberals.

      Also, I'd love for you to point out the part of the Bill of Rights that specifically forbids us from racial profiling.

      One last thing... dropping the f-bomb in this forum simply says you might not have enough control over the english language to come up with a more suitable word. Please... save it for the bar, dude.

  • 18

    I hope it was racial profiling.... I am tired of seeing garndmas and 6 year olds heavily screened for the sake of being politically correct....I would do the same thing on my flight! they only have to be right once we have to be right every time!!!!!

  • 19

    If you have ever been to a bar and seen kids that look too young to be in there. Whats the difference? Doormen don't have a problem asking for ID in a bar.

    If there are people of a cartain nationality that are consistantly committing the terriorist acts in our country, profile the hell out of them. It comes with the territory.

    Better safe than sorry!! We do still live in the United States of America. People in this country need to get back to their values and start acting like Americans.

  • 20

    I don't get the point of the headline for this article. Maybe I missed something here, but there appears to be nothing in the article to substantiate the notion that passengers were "profiling" anyone.

  • 21

    All you little froggies in the well....what's the point of being educated when you choose not to look around and investigate? Suicide bombing, killing innocent people, hell, even uprooting plants or disturbing your neighbors is a big sin is Islam and has absolutely no sanction. Stop being like retards and start reading!!! These people are disowned by most Muslims. The word 'Islam' comes from the root word 'Silm' which means 'Peace'. They beleive and follow Jesus more than you and I ever did, believe in all his miracles, his miraculous birth, and mother Mary is the most highly regarded woman is Islam. You wanna find out more, talk to Muslims around you, go visit a mosque and then tell me what you see in there. When you don't blame Chrsitianity and the rest of the Christains for the IRA bombers, for all the abductors, rapists and serial-killers who are Christian, don't blame Islam because of a loony few. Yes, they're a threat to us and our famillies, you think everyday Muslims aren't scared.\? A lot of people on that plane were muslims. So wake up already!! I'm all for security measures and whatever it takes to stop all this mess, but it's really infuriating when it looks like fear makes you all behave like you ain't got sense the size of a peanut and makes u slander a whole 20% of the world's population just because they happen to follow a certain faith.

  • 22

    Well as usual the "usual suspects" speak their minds on the issue of "profiling". It really is an odd thing, profiling, because we all do it. Because your white your a racist, because your black your a criminal, because your Muslim your a terrorist. Hell if your Irish your a drunk, if your a Pollock your dumb, if your French your a snob, If you Japanese your smart, if your Russian your a commie. Really how stupid does that all sound?

    The problem if you can call it that is that if you look at it statistically it is all true and all false at the same time.

    Should the crew of the flight been worried that the same events were seemingly happening all over again? Yes! Of course they should have. I know any one with an ounce of smarts would assume the same.

    Jesus Christ, we all need to get over skin color and religious preference. Bunch of ignorant self important fools is what most of you sound like. Profiling exists in all forms, as much as you may want it to end, it never will.

    Some of you see the man as a black man, and he was profiled for being black and from Nigeria, I see it as this, he was black, from Nigeria, and did almost the exact scenario as the last terrorist. Is that "profiling?" Yep it most certainly is. But it was the last step that caused the profile, not being black or being from Nigeria. Profiles are made from a group of traits not just one or two. When he decided to not open the door is when all the commotion started.

  • 23

    Well, one thing we have to realize is that muslim extremists have declared war on us, whether the closet-muslim in chief in the White House wants to admit that or not.

    Just because these muslim extremists don't have a standing army per se, or represent a single country as we're accustomed to facing in past wars doesn't mean this "war" isn't any less real or deadly to the civilians caught up in a battle.

    The waging of this war is as different as the common "enemy" we all now face. And as long as the White House refuses to acknowledge muslim terrorists are, indeed, terrorists and making war against us, as long as the White House clings to criminalizing those who are extremist soldiers in this "war" instead of calling them what they--enemy combatants--and treating them as such, the enemy, our enemy, who neither considers or respects the skin colors of its civilian victims is emboldened, even encouraged to continue making "war" on us.

    This racial profiling crap is just another smoke screen intended to divert our focus from the fact that we the People of these United States are, indeed, "at war" with a "common enemy" and that our government, our so-called leaders, are failing us all by refusing to acknowledge the simple fact that we are at war, and thus dealing with that acknowledged reality promptly and effectively.

    The resident muslim in chief in the White House who, on the surface, appears afraid to call a terrorist a terrorist is either one of two things here: a) hopelessly, incredibly, unbelievably ignorant of the muslim extremist mindset; or b)doing his best to stand by those to whom he declared his allegiance in his book, The Audacity of Hope, when where he stated unequivocably that should trouble come down the pike, which it has, he would stand with his muslim brothers. And after all the incredible anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-Constitution BS--actions and words--I've seen this past year out of this White House, I tend to believe the latter is the case.

  • 24

    I recommend two books--seemingly unrelated--that could shed light on this. "Blink" and "The Gift of Fear." We need to get past the mentality of being afraid to hurt people's feelings. Let's give ourselves the ability to respond to our god-given common sense. We regularly make judgment calls based on past experience as a valid, intelligent way to survive ("Blink"). And we need to trust our instincts when we encounter something that doesn't seem quite right "The Gift of Fear."

    To try to disable these instincts based on overly analyzed (and usually incorrect) information is folly.

    We should continue to be wary of individuals belonging to groups who have struck out in a particular way. That goes for all groups and all manners of violence (including sexual assault, grand larceny, terrorism, etc.).

  • 25

    Well you hit the nail on the head. We were warned that we ane not as safe this year as we were last and the attempts to kill us along with the ones that did kill americans and our solders shows us that.

    It is not profiling when we droped the bombs on Germany and Japan. What were we to do? Pretend that we did not know who the enemy was? And drop equal amount of bombs on friendly countries?

    When I returned from Viet Nam I was told not to go in public with my uniform on because people would call you a babby killer and spit or worse on you. No one was out there sticking up for us.

    Lets get real. They have declared war on the free world and the free world has to respond as it would in any war situation.

  • 26

    What I hear from American society is that; if your FBI can prevent crime or save lives by profiling, it is still unacceptable.I also hear you say that if you protect 100 but upset 1, you have done wrong. You are losing the battle on your freedom America. You may anger one person on occassion, however, in the end they must be grateful to be here if they choose not to leave. Welcome to the NewMerica which will only get worse due to a high school elected president. America is crumbling!

    • 26.1

      Perhaps you should stay in your cave there, V, rather than move to this horrible America.
      You miss the entire point in the discussion, V. The thing that we have here in America that people will NEVER have in the Middle East is the ability to disagree without fear that some group of hormone-crazed idiots or the goverment (another group of hormone-crazed idiots) will cut off our heads.
      Think what you will. Tonight I'll be turning up the thermostat just a little and be comfy and safe in my house while you throwe another log on the fire and snuggle with sheep to stay war... America! What a horrible place! (LAUGHING)

    • 26.2

      Middle East? Turn up your thermostat? I do throw logs on the fire,in my fireplace. However, my house overlooking the lake is much more comfy than your's I imagine. Sounds like you are now stereotyping someone with a different view. Are you a liberal. Ding! Correct answer! (Prove me wrong) I believe the point of this article was whether or not the persons on the plane acted appropriately. Seeing we are having this discussion it's obvious America is in need of help. They reacted in a 100% acceptable manner, and any doubters should re-evaluate how valuable their safety is when put in the hands of strangers. When in doubt take whatever actions needed to ensure safety. PS, we don't have school shootings or terrorist attacks in Canada to put some perspective on your thoughts. I feel that I have more safety here, than Chicago, New York or Los Angeles. Stay warm, and keep voting left, taxes are just great!

    • 26.3

      The US would never go for the gun control laws Canada has.

    • 26.4

      I live close enough to Wisconsin, no worries. Plenty of white-tail deer, pheasants, turkeys and liberals. My parents live in Wisconsin. I have to get their medication since your government won't let them buy it for less themselves for less. So, my final question is this. If you felt your life might be in danger, would you do nothing, react or over-react? What if your children were with you? IScenario: if you were walking in the wooks with a rifle and a bear charged, would you shoot in the air to scare it or shoot it to kill it? What if the bear approached slowly but looked mean? Remember PETA and how your children might be scarred if you kill the bear? Or think of all the meat you will have to provide your family, and the knowing that this particular bear will never do that again. I will do anything to protect my life and the life of others, even if it means hurting one person's feelings for the day. If I were that man, I would understand people's perceptions and would not be offended.

    • 26.5

      Re-read the definition of a liberal, please.

      Also, I really haven't seen the long lines of Americans waiting to move into Canada due to the terrible state that America is in. Hmmm... maybe they aren't covering that on the liberal media these days.

      Last time I heard anything about the state of Canada, it was that it took 10 months of standing in line to have an elective surgery performed. Socialized medicine... ya gotta love it. Obama does...

  • 27

    Afraid To Kill

    ‘Fighting' terror with wishful thinking

    By Ralph Peters

    It's not true that the only good terrorist is a dead terrorist. Even dead terrorists aren't good. But at least they're dead. And that helps. But political correctness has possessed Washington. It's so bad that even Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who's done a great job in many other respects, parrots the cliché that “we can't kill our way out of this.”

    Well, folks, there's no other way out of this all-or-nothing struggle with fanatics. Three thousand years of history teach that there's no alternative — none — to killing fanatics in large numbers when your enemies are ablaze with religious zeal.

    What Gates and countless others really mean is that we're unwilling to kill our way out of this assault on our civilization. So the terrorists keep on killing us.

    We tell ourselves that one more charm offensive, one more inept aid program, one more surge of troops who aren't allowed to fight will persuade terrorists on a murderous mission from their god to lay down their arms and run for alderman.

    We refuse to see the world through terrorist eyes. Instead, we superimpose liberal-arts-faculty
    values on bloodthirsty zealots, asking what we've done to make them so angry.

    The result? We grant captured terrorists more rights and better treatment than nonviolent offenders in a US county jail. We cater to them at the gentrified prison at Guantanamo (yet the global media insist that Gitmo's just a big torture chamber).

    We tell ourselves we'll impress our enemies with our humanitarianism. But how many Gitmo prisoners have turned pacifist or expressed regrets? If you were convinced that you were doing God's will, would you be budged by a captor who gives you priority health care, a religiously correct diet, special worship privileges and free legal counsel? Allah has made his enemies weak . . .

    The laws of war provide for the battlefield execution of illegal combatants — those who refuse to wear uniforms or identifying insignia or who commit atrocities. Instead, we give them flu shots before American citizens can get them.

    When a madcap ideologue such as Attorney General Eric Holder tells Congress we mustn't be afraid to try terrorists in our judicial system, he gets it exactly wrong. The terrorists believe we're afraid to kill them. And they're right.

    So we'll get the upcoming propaganda bonanza of the trial of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his terrorist barbershop quartet. And we'll squander hundreds of millions of dollars on special security precautions in Manhattan. The inevitable outcome? We'll make heroes of the terrorists throughout the Muslim world.

    Meanwhile, down in Texas, terrorist assassin Maj. Nidal Hasan's lawyer is already making a mockery of our judicial system. Hasan will become a terrorist icon, too.

    And even if Hasan, KSM and the boys are all convicted of multiple counts of premeditated murder, they won't be executed for many years to come — if ever.

    How does this deter fanatical enemies? Our insistence on treating terrorism as shoplifting that got a little out of hand does not protect Americans.

    Terrified of the new global reality, Washington refuses to accept that we're no longer dealing with the political terrorists of the 20th century — some of whom could, indeed, be won over or bought off. We're now dealing with religious madmen hungry for an apocalypse. And our government and the media scramble to deny that Islam has anything to do with it. The poor terrorists just have grievances.

    If Khalid Sheik Mohammed has a heart attack during his trial, he'll get better health care than most Post readers. Paralyzed from the waist down, Maj. Hasan will get priority on rehab treatment over our vets from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The sad fact is that prison is where terrorists recruit from. A life sentence is like opening up a recruiting station for people who want to kill us. Isn't it ironic that the tax dollar and our instituations designed to keep us safe will become recruitment centers.

  • 28

    No, not an overreaction at all. Couldn't Our Nigerian Businessman have summoned a flight attendant via the emergency button in the bathroom? I'm pretty sure anybody monopolizing the bathroom for over and hour on any flight would have to answer for their actions, including if they were ill.
    This is a fine social experiment Time blog: throw the racial bone and obscure the fact that had the original idiot scumbag criminal succeeded, you'd be featuring heart-breaking stories and pictures about the deceased victims of the bombing....and selling magazines, which is what really matters, right?

  • 29

    More nonsense from the chatter class for the record allof those banks that have rec'd TARP funds have not returned them to the Treasury Department.. For rhe record the US Constitution provides us with a number of rights including the right to a trail by one's peers and innocence until proven guilty and many more rights, also welfare and food stamps are part of the general welfare verbaige which is also written in the US Const..

    I will continue to reject and object to any manner of racial profiling it is a waste of time, effort and money...I will demand from my government that the abide by our US Const..My safety is in that document not some angry fiction and speculation created by those who live in fear..

    The dangerous threats, criminals and terrorists most Americans confront do not come from external venues nor from immigrants or illegal aliens ..Most of those creating havoc in our nation are fellow AMERICANS!!

    No I will not surrender to the angry myopic fears of ignorant flagwavers and shallow patriot cheerleaders!!!

    • 29.1

      So you consider gang members, peaceful members of society in which one should turn the other way until something happens? Are you implying to not break them up, or try to disband them? By American judicial standards, OJ was innocent. You are right, leave it up to the courts. These are the same judicial courts that gave 27 days jail time to a pro athlete (Dante Stallworth) for killing someone drunk driving. Outstanding judicial system in place. I once read a child molester got 70 some years. Penalty fits the bill......perfect! And I do agree, you have more to fear from your neighbor in the US than any other terrorist harboring country has to offer.Praise be Allah or God, you choose. Islam forever, just kidding.... I profile for my own safety. If you don't have a defensive mentality, you are the easiest targert.

    • 29.2

      One last note. Always assume pitbulls, or any dog for that matter are peaceful and love for you to pet them. Don't have a sense of fear. They are man's best friend and should never be feared.

  • 30

    FYI for those in the chatter class who do not read anything but chatter and right wing propaganda and disinformation...

    From the Preamble of US Constitution

    "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

    Please note "promote the general welfare"... Please also note the first ten amendments aka Bill of Rights...Pleae also pay special attention to the 14th Amendment..

    • 30.1

      Wait until it happens, then react or take initiative. Is that your proposition? If so, I don't feel sorry for police officers that die waiting for the criminal to shoot, or make the first move, example China. If you raise your arm in a motion similar to having a gun, it's over. A leftist would be having their family plan for a funeral so a criminal doesn't get shot.. In America, you try to talk the gunman out of the hostage situation. Why not end it all with a sniper? Answer, don't hurt the criminal, put him prison.I won't feel sorry for the next plane that blows up because passengers were afraid to do anything due to scrutiny. Only in America. Did you know a good samaratan was sued for dragging a woman out of a burning car in California? She would have died, but she's alive. Too bad she lost skin on her legs from being dragged. I guess I would sue too. Your country has a great judicial system!! OJ Simpson is one of the best football players ever, glad he was innocent!

    • 30.2

      Vulgar, please! Pretty big talk coming from a citizen of a country that is more than willing to let the rest of the world go to hell in a handbasket before it will do anything to help. Shame on you and the reluctance of your government!

      And, by the way... It's no coincidence that almost all of Canada's population lives near the US border.

    • 30.3

      It's neat to watch people attack one's government when it differs from their own. Let's be honest, you have a president that is running around the world apologizing and bowing to other leaders. That shows inferiority not respect. The only other 2 presidents that have ever done it are democrats. Why is he apologizing if the US is such a great country? Secondly, "guitarhero", please define liberal. I will define conservative. A conservative thinks they are better off making their personal decisions rather than the government making them for them. They don't believe the government solve problems, people of the country do. They do not believe we need more government but less. Taxes are a fine for doing good, and you should be able to allocate where your taxes go. A liberal says, this is what you have to do, because we think it's best for you. Soon I will move back to Wisconsin, after Obama is gone of course. When I do return, I will not take any action in a situation like this. I'll let it play out, hopefully no one dies, If they do, at least no one was offended at the time. Like I said, hopefully no one dies. Lastly, if you were that guy, and you look back on what happened. In today's society, do you really blame people for taking the action they did? If so, you are a liberal undeniably. Can I get a conservative to say otherwise? Happy New Year's I hope it's a BANG!!!

  • 31

    Point taken. I will only report activity that seems suspicious if they are white, that way I won't be profiling. I hope you are happy with that attitude, apparently it's what you want..We should only profile if we are the same race, seems simple enough. Furthermore, I will assume that what looks like rape, is actually a couple entertaining themselves, by being sexual exhibitionists. I also don't want to offend the woman since she is probably more than capable of handling herself....... I might come off as sexist. Secondly, for all I know she's raping him. You made my life easier. Does this topic frustrate me. It will frustrate more people when I turn my head to look away so I am politically correct. Neighborhood watch: Please report any suspicious activity....sorry can't do that, they aren't white!

  • 32
  • 33

    My position is simple the only violence in the universe that is just is self defense..I do not pay attention to white right wing themes and the script of a people who invented depravity on this soil...

    Now run along and stay in fear of your own shadow,lol,lol that could be another war on terror for you to create...It is always a new flavor of the month for you people,lol,lol

    • 33.1

      Ain't that the truth - bunch of Chicken Littles running around cluckity-clucking, so worried about the sky falling that they miss seeing the bus that hits them.

  • 34

    This just in: Now even Metro Times columnist Jack Lessenberry acknowledges the need for "some form of sensible, non-racist passenger profiling . . . though it may make doctrinaire liberals squeal."
    "There are a lot of Muslims who live wonderful and productive lives," he writes today, "and I know lots of them. However, the world is also full of crazies, and most of the ones advocating wholesale slaughter are Muslim whack-jobs. . . .
    "I have no use for Christian whack-jobs, . . . but they aren't the main threat to civilization."
    As you wove the first stitch for this lively thread, it'd be useful to see your views on the question asked two days ago:
    * Did passengers overreact – and engage in racial profiling?

  • 35

    Nobody pays attention to a hack like Jack Lessenberry ... he writes in circles and repeats the same tired rants over and over and over again..

    The fact that he has joined the MSM herd with his attack on Muslims is not a newsflash given he is part of the MSM...The Detroit MetroTimes has not been a progressive vessel of journalism in years...

    Christian whack jobs who are threat to civilization includes US Congress, White House and Defense Department where yet again for another banner year our nation is the #1 Arms Dealer on the planet..

    America remains the main threat to global civilization in weapons sales alone not of course our lethal nature extends beyond guns and more guns...But that is another topic for another day..

    • 35.1

      Actually, G.T., there's really no need to expand on any future day about why you feel "America remains the main threat to global civilization." We catch your drift.
      Mighty brave, I must say, to put your name on a post about "whack jobs."
      Thanks for the latest amusement.

    • 35.2

      I am done with this topic. For all that are against any form of profiling or looking for similarities in situations, all I can say is I hope it happens to you and not someone else. Maybe if your spouse is on the plane, and they were part of the "profiling out of fear: you will tell them how ashamed you are of them, and that you expect better. However, if they do nothing and the worst happens. I will not feel sorry for you, their children, or other relatives that get to attend the funeral. Don't profile, it's mean. Might save lives, but it's mean. LOL at Americans!!!!

  • 37

    gthrasher wrote: America remains the main threat to global civilization...

    If you want socialism so badly, if you're so weak and afraid of being your own person or taking responsibility for yourself and your own survival but would rather any government, no matter how oppressive or totalitarian, take over the job for you, why not move your sorry ass to Europe or better yet, Venezuela? You can take Obama and the rest of our senators and representatives of both parties in Congress working directly or indirectly for George Soros and the Bilderberg Group with you, too. I bet I could, right now, take up a collection to buy your tickets and reach the necessary amount needed to ship all of you elsewhere in less than twenty-four hours.

    Why do you think the crime rate has dropped significantly in the past year? Because arms sales in this country are through the roof and even most criminals are smart enough to figure that nearly everyone in this country is packing now. Why have arms sales gone through the roof since Obama took office? Because the American People are, by and large, awakening to machinations of those one world socialist weenies, both here and abroad, who are right now attempting a bloodless coup in America from their safe tyranny in Europe.

    Why is the Federal Reserve under the direction of Bernanke still printing money? To aid and abet Soros's not-so-veiled attempt to collapse our dollar. He's got a history, Soros has, of collapsing other country's dollars. The truth about him and the Bilderberg Group and frequent fliers, like Bernanke and Geithner, to the Group's annual meetings is just a Google search away. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to do a little research into the connections, direct and indirect, between our so-called senators and representatives of both parties and Soros and the Bilderberg Group's desire, as Soros put it once, to remove "America the stumbling block to one world socialist rule." Why not take thirty seconds and couple of keystrokes to figure out what's really going on behind the smoke screens of "racial profiling" and political correctness, and the endless calls for "investigations" into the next divisive issue, whatever it is, and "Congressional committees" and "hearings" that are intended to accomplish exactly nothing for the People and five second sound bites for the politicians looking so "busy" and so "important." You shouldn't let yourself be led so easily, especially by Congress acting in concert with the lamestream media. Oh, yeah, that's right, you don't want to do for yourself. You'd rather be told what to do and where to go and what to think in return for your global government allotment of gruel.

    From where I sit in my not-made-in-China chair, you can take your "global civilization" and shove it up your ass. But, if I were you, I'd get myself to Europe or some dictatorship in South America while you still can where you'll be minimally fed, housed, clothed, inoculated, taxed and regulated, and wholly controlled, and safe from all us freedom-lovers here in America who still believe the Constitution is worth defending, even if we must water that particular tree of LIberty with a bit of our blood. If you stay here, we're going to be your worst nightmare. And if the 2010 elections don't significantly change the direction this country's headed, we'll no doubt become you leftist sheep lining up for slaughter's greatest fear.

    There's a majority of us patriots who refuse to give our country away to some new world order ruling from Europe without a fight. What you socialists and communists and marxists forgot to consider in your calculations is the fact that we the People of these United States are, without a doubt, our Forefathers' children.

    Our Forefathers gave us a prime, world-class example of what to do when Government becomes too big and too oppressive, especially when our elected employees willfully ignore the Constitution and threaten our children's futures. Even the most uneducated moron in America, not working in Congress, will eventually come to the conclusion that it's only a matter of time--if things don't significantly change for the better in America, if we aren't returned to our Constitution like yesterday--before we the People will simply have no other choice but to emulate that fine example of our Forefathers for a second time. We the People never asked for all this IT, but we've never been known to back down from any real SH either, foreign or domestic.

    Boy, you ought to find out what America's Sleeping Giant is and, more importantly, what kind of fresh hell follows after all its three hundred million plus parts finally wake up. Ain't going to be pretty, let me clue you. Like I suggested, maybe you and all your sheep including Obama and those in Congress who've sold their country and its people out ought to hightail it to Europe, while you still can.

    This global crapola is a real sore spot with me, and while I apologize for the length of this rant, I stand behind its content.

  • 38

    @ Alanstamm,

    Yes it is easy being brave and iconic around cowards and impotent folks...As a matter of fact it comes natural...

    Oh yeah thanks for confirming my premise about our country being the most lethal threat to civilization on the planet I figured your willingness to insult me and deflect from my truths was your cowardly way of affirming me..

    It is nice to be,lol,lol

  • 39

    @ writersatlarge,

    Our nation's original illegal aliens and domestic terrorists were the pilgrims and puritans .The thugs you called our forefathers could not even create document that did not require amendments...These bigots were not the fathers of anything other than the start of two domestic holocuasts on this soil...

    Please spare me the revisonist history or get better at spinning it....As I posted I have little regard for flagwavers and impotent cheerleaders or mobs who need hate and racism to make them fuctional...

    America's sleeping giant is another worthless soundbite...What's next a return of the silent,lol,lol

    • 39.1

      Why do you still live here? I would hate to bring it up, but whites aren't the only racists in this country. Uneducated urbanites hate whites, many illegals hate whites, many illegals hate blacks and many blacks hate hispanics. From many of the rappers i hear, I just want to repeat. Dats tight nigga. Racism will never die if you empower the oppressive language. You feel me nigga....that does not help the situation at all. I'd like to see a white man or hispanic walk anywhere near Cabrini Green in Chicago. Not happening. Do they get assaulted because of racism?

  • 40

    What's next a duct tape and plastic sheet,lol,lol..since our country is the #1 arms dealer on the planet perhaps country's which buy our killing machine weapons and guns get a bonus gift of duct tape & plastic when our country sells more guns and,lol,lol

    Our country's insanity and backwardness sometimes makes you wanna hollar......Homeland Security had the balls to recommend Duct Tape & Plastic,lol,lol

  • 41

    [...] After yesterday’s terrorism scare, wherein some angry teen tried to join the terrorist big leagues, did the airline over-react when someone with a similar background locked himself in a bathroom for an exceedingly long time? Turns out he was just sick. [...]

  • 42

    [...] security systems worked and help foil a terror attack on Delta Flight 253, Time worries that there may be racial profiling on future [...]

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