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Yes, Virginia, Bad Things Happen Everywhere

How I wish I had written this blog post. Kudos (again) to Detroit Moxie, who writes about her frustration with people who say things like: Of course your car was broken into; you were in Detroit.

It's title: Bad Things Happen Everywhere. Even its title is great. Says so much about what I've also experienced in and around the city.

A highlight:

Yes, my car got broken into while we were in Detroit. People, cars get broken into everywhere! My friend Beverly Cornell recently had her laptop stolen from her car, ON HER DRIVEWAY, in Madison Heights. Miraculously, she got it back due to an angel. Seriously, if it happened today we'd be calling it a Christmas miracle.

Crime happens everywhere and more so in big cities.

Am I going to stop going into Detroit? Hell no! I'm going to keep on embracing this city, just like I have been doing. Things happen. We move on. We get back up.

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    In all my years in downtown Detroit I've been involved in two crimes, both car-related. In the first incident, someone broke open my trunk and stole my spare tire. In the second incident, I was the perp.

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    I really do hatethat when people act like you can only expect bad from Detroit as if this whole world isn't as dangerous as being thrown into a Lions den, bad stuff happen everywhere.

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