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WSJ: Can Detroit Be Saved?

Interview between The Wall Street Journal and Detroit Mayor Dave Bing takes on a little bit of everything: unions, business climate, sports and his personal achievements. A good read, indeed.

A highlight:

"We've been paralyzed by a culture in the city of Detroit, and maybe the state of Michigan, of entitlement," by which he means ever-rising union wages. "Our people, I don't believe, truly understand how dire the situation is. There are ugly decisions that need to be made and I'm surely not going to be popular for making them. But I didn't take this job based on popularity."

The whole story is

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    Politics is not a bad profession.
    If you succeed there are many rewards,
    if you disgrace yourself you can always write a book....

    ....A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country.

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      I could hazard a guess about how your comment relates to this post, but then I would risk making unwarranted assumptions about your intentions. So for the benefit of those of us who would rather not do that, could you elaborate on what you meant?
      With respect,

    • 1.2

      Ditto what madmak1 said .....

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    "Can Detroit Be Saved ?". Typical East Coast sensationalistic journalism aimed at publicizing Detroit's flaws all while conveniently ignoring their own. At least The WSJ is more objective than that rag, The New York Times which takes great delight in regularly featuring Detroit in their Worst Places in the World category.

    Unwittingly perhaps, The WSJ answered their own question. Yes, Detroit can be saved! And it's because of people like Dave Bing and I might add, Robert Bobb. The article, once again like the myriad of previous East Coast media articles, pointed out every one of Detroit's flaws as if they were unique only to us. However, there was a sprinkle of optimism in that finally, we have elected leadership which not only recognizes our problems but is willing to fight the status quo.


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    We shall see.

    But the author of the WSJ artcle failed to mention some salient facts about corruption associated with Bing.

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    A lot of vague references here guys, not exactly a productive way to discuss an issue..
    Outside of the unnecessary quantity of references to Bing's days a basketball player I like this article and I hope that Bing sticks to his guns and really does keep making these unpopular but necessary decisions.

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    Say Yes to Pure Michigan!

    So they put the kabosh on The Pure Michigan Campaign. So Michigan, grab you snow boot straps and lets publish it ourselves. Commercial time? I don't need no stinking Commercial Time! (think stinking badges) Are we not the Social Media Generation? Are we not Tech Savy? Are we not Resourceful!!! Say Yes to Pure Michigan! Put it on your blogs, your twitter, your web sites, your networking groups, your emails. Let's go VIRAL~ Let's get this Party started!

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    I'll be unvague for you rif23...

    Charles Beckham talked Bing into running and ran his campaign...he spent well over 2 years in jail after being convicted of graft. He has been Bing's guiding light and until a day or so was the deputy Mayor... City Charter does not allow for Convicted Felons to be in such positions. Last heard, there is a suit based upon this.

    The steel business was in a crash and Bing needed a job. His friends helped again...

    Now the concept and attendant condescending behavior of entitlement extends well beyond just the union. It is also associated with the Women's movement, the Civil Rights movement and Educational Degrees, and associations with the powers that be.

    Sometimes it is super supercilious.

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    And this is why it is important that people explain their comments...
    Your earlier comment would seem to insinuate that there is some claim of impropriety or against Bing's or at least something currently going on in his administration when you are actually referring to Beckam's convicted 25 years ago for taking a $16,000 bribe. Many people don't even believe he took the bribe and he was actually raking the fall for Coleman A. Young. Why that event would bear mentioning in a interview with Mayor Bing, who certainly had no connection with that event and has had no allegations of impropriety made against him, eludes me.

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    Detroit is VERY salvagable, we just need to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Just like the Lions were at the bottom and rose up, so can the city of Detroit.

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