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Smoke-free Michigan

Today at a Lansing brew pub, Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed a bill that makes most of Michigan smoke-free in early 2010.

As a longtime non-smoker, I am pleased. But I also wonder -- will this negatively affect businesses that depending on non-smokers and smokers alike to fill their seats?

According to The Detroit Free Press:

The new law prohibits smoking in all public and work areas, including private clubs that serve food or employ one or more people. It applies to enclosed, indoor places as well as outdoor dining areas at restaurants. Detroit's casino gaming floors were given exemptions from the ban, after the casinos argued they would lose tens of millions of dollars as smoking customers would flee to Indian-run casinos that are not subject to the state smoking ban. But the casino bars and restaurants must be smoke-free. Cigar bars, tobacco specialty shops and vehicles and homes used for employment are exempt from the ban.

We are now among the 37 other states that passed similar bills.

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    The answer to your question about business is a resounding, "NO!" No other state has seen an impact. Review the facts as published by Michigan's own Public Sector consultants at:

  • 2

    Im sure it will effect business state wide. I smoke so if i do go out to eat , I will eat and leave, no hanging out to have some after dinner drinks.

    Also, how silly is it that we essentially triple tax smokers and then say you cant smoke any where. So now some people will quit, there goes tax revenue from tobacco sales , income will be lost to a lot of business because people will not go as often either. Sure other states have done just what we are doing, and their business has survived the ban, but did they do it in the middle of a recession? People need only a little reason to cut back on spending, this will give them the reason.

    • 2.1

      It will not effect business. If anything, there will be an increase for all the people who don't smoke and can't stand to go to pubs, restaurants or clubs because of the smoke. I am always shocked when I visit home, enter a bar and I am greeted by the acrid stench of stale cigarette smoke. The county where I now live in NY banned smoking (during the recession) with no harm done to the businesses and their owners that were sounding the death knell.

      It didn't effect the casinos in Las Vegas either.

      Tax revenue from cigarette sales? Oh please! Smokers and their resulting health problems cost Michiganders and every tax payer in the US in the form of increased medical and insurance costs. If smokers are really trying to save money, they will quit smoking.

      Cheers to Governor Granholm.

      Read more:

    • 2.2

      Nice argument macncheese. Those were just the points I was going to make. For every smoker who gets up and leaves after their meal, there now may be a family who stays for dessert. As a mom, I hate to bring my family to a smokey environment, but with this new law, we can feel safe and enjoy our meal.
      Secondly, tobacco related diseases cost the state more money than it makes off of cigarette taxes, so I agree: Quit if you want to save us money! Or just go smoke in your car.

  • 3

    I think that the recovery of the state requires the continuing development of policy affirming its commitment to stewardship of its environmental qualities and its concern and care for its citizens.

    The idea of a "business-friendly" state must, it seems, imply policies and legislation aligned with the concept of "sustainability" in broad definition, already increasingly embraced by corporations and a well-established criterion for choice of place by top talent.

  • 4

    So much for the concept of private property.

    • 4.1

      Perhaps your lungs are your private property. But you don't have property rights over everyone else's.

    • 4.2


      yes, your lungs are your private property as is your residence and place of business (at least they were). If you are interested in protecting your lungs from smokers, don't frequent establishments with smokers! You don't have the right to force other people to change their behavior on property you do not own.

    • 4.3

      if it affects the health and safety of others you do.

    • 4.4


      No one is forcing you to frequent or work at establishments where people smoke. If it is damaging to your health don't go there! What a novel idea.

  • 5

    Forget the latest buzz words and nonsense.

    Smoking is extremely dangerous to human health.


  • 6

    The government protects people from exposure to asbestos and other carcinogens - so why not tobacco? should we lift those restrictions? Why weren't the smokers arguing against that? Asbestos is a great fire retardant, so what if it gives a few innocent stand-byers cancer? Let them smoke and kill themselves at home and not expose workers, unborn children and others to their attempt to shorten their lives.

  • 7

    Well Im native american. Is it it not bad enough that my people were raped and killed and my land stolen. Im taxed heavily on a pack of cigerettes in michigan. Now to top it off I cant smoke in bars, ridicoulous. Here's an idea if you dont like smoking go back to Europe and give me my land back.

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