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Ice House Deadline Looming

Remember the two guys who plan to encase a Detroit house in ice?

They have the house. They have local support. They have good intentions. But...The deadline is tomorrow to raise $11,000 to fund the project. So far, they only have $3,570 and there is about 29 hours left before the end, according to their Kickstarter site.

I think the duo are going to go forward regardless -- I have emailed them to see if I can get an update. (I also gave them $5...why not?)

Their blog has several new posts, including news that they have picked a charity to partner with (United Peace Relief-Detroit chapter) and are helping a Detroit single mom stay in her home this holiday. Check it out here.

About the project:

Gregory Holm, a photographer, and Matthew Radune, an architect, are collaborating on this winter of 2009-2010 architectural installation. The project, which involves working with several Detroit organizations, aims to uphold concepts of neighborhood integrity, material reuse, public art, social empowerment, and urban farming. With the current freeze in the housing market, Detroit is leading the nation in foreclosures. Ice House Detroit references this contemporary urban condition, and involves the acquisition and recontextualization of one of the 80,000 abandoned houses in the city. The house will be sprayed with water in subzero temperatures, gradually building up layers of ice over the course of several days or weeks. Once it is frozen, the common architectural and urban references of the house will be temporarily obscured, providing a period of reflection.

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