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Saving Hundreds of Metro Detroit Jobs

Check out this article from Crain's Detroit and column by Detroit News writer Laura Berman about the recent sale of the Matt Prentice restaurant group.

These restaurants are legendary in Metro Detroit; I have eaten many a business lunch at Prentice's nine eateries. I also have interviewed him on many occasions and found him a genuine person and truly concerned about the region's fortunes.

Prentice sold his business this month because he admits he got in over his head. The economy took over -- no one was throwing big parties or needed his catering services as much as they had in the past. Thankfully, a local CPA and attorney (Stanley Dickson Jr.) stepped up to grab the company and keep it going, maintaining some 500 or so jobs in Metro Detroit.

It's a great save -- but these are service-industry jobs. It's a great story -- but it also is depressing and feels like a bit of a PR spin has been thrown into both articles. One comment on the Crain's site calls Matt a "community activist" for his actions. I'm not so sure I'd go that far. What do you think?

The restaurants transferred from Matt Prentice Restaurant Group to Trowbridge Restaurant Group include:

• Coach Insignia
• Deli Unique West Bloomfield
• Deli Unique Bloomfield Hills
• Deli Unique Novi
• Northern Lakes Seafood Company
• No. VI Chophouse
• Plaza Deli
• Shiraz
• Tavern on 13
• Sourdough Bread Factory

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