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In Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick's (Money) Woes

Nearly six years ago, then Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was one of the most sought-after figures at the Democratic National Convention in Boston. This afternoon, Kilpatrick is making his second appearance in a downtown Detroit courtroom to explain why he can't pay nearly $1 million he promised taxpayers to resolve a sordid case that effectively ended his political career.

Adding to the saga, this YouTubed Final Call interview with Kilpatrick:

Kilpatrick's fall from grace was fast and hard. In September 2008, the youngest mayor in Detroit's history pled guilty to obstruction of justice and assaulting a police officer. He was sentenced to six months in prison. According to the terms of his probation, Kilpatrick resigned, pledged never again to run for elected office, and surrendered his public pensions and law license. He also agreed to pay Wayne County, Mich., which includes Detroit, a restitution of nearly $1 million. So far, Kilpatrick has paid about $90,000 of that sum. But despite having a $120,000-year job in Dallas with a subsidiary of Compuware, the billion-dollar software company based in Detroit, Kilpatrick now claims he cannot afford to meet the payment terms of his probation agreement. (Never mind his family's rented suburban mansion and flashy cars.)

Read the full story here.

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    The Time magazine article posted online has a photo of Mr. Kilpatrick along with the following caption:

    "Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (R) stands with his attorneys as he appears in Wayne County Circuit Court for his sentencing October 28, 2008 in Detroit Michigan."

    I believe that the "( R)" behind Mr. Kilpatrick's name should actually be a "(D)" - for Democrat. If you are going to run an article about a corrupt politician, you should take care to note to which party such politician belongs.

    • 1.1

      As if the first sentence - "Kwame Kilpatrick was one of the most sought-after figures at the Democratic National Convention" - isn't clear enough? Not that it really matters since Detroit's mayoral elections are non-partisan.

  • 2

    They removed the R now. Guess every bad politicaian seems Republican to TIME

    Why do they have to put pictures of Devil's Night, and burned out houses and buildings in that article? Because they are more sensationalist than showing the beautiful areas of Detroit and surrounding areas???

    I think if that is their image of Detroit, then the Detroit reporters need to live in the $100 dilapidated homes, since apparently that's how Detroit looks to them.

    What about all of their talk about the good areas and uplighting things happening in this area??? When will they finally show those???

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    A correction to teh main article - the ORIGINAL jury award to the whistle-blowing police officers was a few million LESS than the +$8.5 million of the final settlement. When the City lost the case Kilpatrick got all hissy and vowed an appeal. Once Kilpatrick's and City's attorneys learned the police officers' attorney had the incriminating text messages that revealed Kilpatrick's perjury a settlement was reached and the appeal dropped. The amount of the settlement exceeded the original jury award.

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    I find the interview with K to be just disgusting. He talks about all that he has done for the city during his term as mayor, but what he did was to hide and undermine the city for his personal goals it seems. He looks like an idiot while he is on the stand, but then when he does this interview he is a proud black man of power and charisma.

    He talks of Obama and what the white men at the golf club think of him, and assumes that it is because they think he is arrogant, just as K is arrogant himself in my opinion. How could K ever compare himself to the President Of the United States. The only similarity is the color of their skin, not their abilities as a leader. Something K is sorely lacking.

    The embarrassment that K has brought upon the city of Detroit will life on long after he is out of the news, and his illegal actions as Mayor have done more damage then all of the good he ever did in the past.

    K blames the press for his down fall, he thinks that the press ruined his life. When you are a public figure the press will either praise you for good, or in K's case, punish you for being a criminal. I think that the press has done a wonderful job of bringing the corruption that was K's reign to light for the public to see.

    To be honest when I see K, I see all the failure that is Detroit, the dishonesty (that continues to this day) the lack of compassion for what he has done, and the smug look on his face. I truly hope that he does fade away into the darkness where he came from.

    It is high time we once and for all rid our selves of his stink.

    • 4.1

      Sometimes I think of Detroit, and much of Michigan, as the abused and neglected kid who doesn't know what it's like to not be teased, belittled, beaten up, and generally bullied every day - not only by all types of outsiders but by the 'hometown' politicians, too. Dennis Archer is the only recent exception I can think of.

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