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Why Detroit?

Detroit's got more than its fair share of problems. But many people still love to live in this region, and entrepreneurs, techies and teachers are reviving some areas. Time Inc. asked five of the biggest advertising agencies with Detroit offices to convey their view of the opportunity ahead here. Their ads address this question: “If I'm young, talented and creative, and open to all kinds of opportunities, why Detroit?”

You can see their creations below. Once you've had a look, vote for your favorite ad here. The winner will be announced on December 2, and all the ads will be donated to the city of Detroit.

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    The Ad's for me are nice, but I am not convinced enough to say they are successful in conveying a strong message to me about the "ARTISTIC" side of Detroit. Are they good? Yes! But theses adds are more about people from the area, then of Detroit its self. That is what I am getting out of it.

    I think the ad's would have conveyed a better message if Detroit was the focus not the few people who are used to convey a message. The 3rd ad is just dumb, and kinda negative, Detroit does not need any more of that.

    The last ad, well I could not read it to well so I can not really comment on it. The creative aspect is good though.

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    [...] The bloggers at the Time House in Detroit asked five of the biggest advertising agencies in Detroit this Question.    “If I’m young, talented and creative, and open to all kinds of opportunities, why Detroit?”  These agencies produced an ad to answer this question.  See their work at  [...]

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    I like 4 and 5 a lot.
    4 expresses my feeling about the city and its potential, but 5 gives me a way to connect with people
    who are at work on taking advantage of the enormous potential that is Detroit.

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    Detroit may be known for their music, but attracting starving artists and "DJ's" is not going to solve their woes. Detroit needs to pursue innovative manufacturing, tech and most importantly; Law and order. None of these ads makes Detroit seem in anyway appealing. If I'm moving to a new city, I want safe streets, plenty of jobs, and low taxes. After that, then I'll look into the local art scene. Priorities!

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    Because artists move into struggling neighborhoods and revive them. It's happened (happening) all over the United States. The economic impact is impressive and has been documented, if you care to take a look. Detroit has become a mecca for many artists. Here's just one story:

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    Though I agree with thestevinator, I appreciate Time Inc giving the city the free ad space. Thanks!

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    Open your contest to freelance designers - all these big ass corporate folks fired all the talent already.

    I think these submissions speak quite loudly to that fact.

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    I'm kind of curious as to why my comment was deleted. Was it for pointing out a grammatical mistake in one of the ads? Is having a well-polished, grammatically correct ad for my city an unreasonable request?

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    Yep. I'll have to agree with detroitfunk on that. Number 3 is a decent concept, but somebody got lazy with the copy. And the design on Number 5 is nice, but the message could be stronger.

    Open up the contest to that independent, creative class the city is trying to either keep or attract--they're out there, watching and waiting.

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    I was not impressed with the versions submitted by the Big ad agencies who think they have the pulse of the City located within their cubicles. That being the case, and being a graphic designer and photographer who actually has studio space in the City and interacts with its residents, I went forward and created my own versions of what I felt spoke to the positive aspects of Detroit, things that would draw in a future of creative people, no matter the type of work.

    Here are three (3) options I laid out in a few hours time, with the third being my favorite:

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    tv advertising agencies

    Why Detroit? - The Detroit Blog -

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