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When Your Vote Shouldn't Count...

Running like crazy today, so I'll try to be brief. Read a bold, but dead-on, piece from Joe Gavrilovich in the Detroit Free Press today about why Americans have no business voting on people's civil rights.

No matter what anyone's personal feelings are about gay marriage, one thing everyone in a civil society should agree on is that the matter should not be put to a vote. No civil right should.

I agree 100 percent and not just when it comes to same-sex marriage. There are just certain liberties that have no business being "granted" to human beings by a vote from others, be that your freedom from government repression of speech or the right to go to any public restroom you choose. Or, yes, the right to marry the person you love. It's past time we Americans stopped thinking it's our collective social role to use our votes to tell consenting adults how to live when those choices don't have anything to do with infringing on our own rights.

And yeah, I know this isn't about public policy in Detroit or crime or educational programs, so please do not come screaming to me about what I "should" be writing about. I just wanted to offer an affirmation of an idea I think should be spared the prejudices, ignorance and mean-spiritedness too often on display at the ballot box when it comes to denying "some" Americans rights that should be universal to us all.

You're free to disagree, of course...and we don't have to vote on it before you do.

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