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From Mitch Albom, an Exploration of Faith

In his new book, Have a Little Faith, best-selling author Mitch Albom forms an unlikely relationship with a New Jersey rabbi, and the pastor of a Detroit church.

Below's a video piece I produced about how Mitch came to the story.

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    Fantastic video, Very warming to see good deeds done for the less fortunate.

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    The church in the video looks to be the one located at the NE corner of Trumbull and Martin Luther King. At the opposite corner of this intersection you will see the Spirit of Hope church in an old 1890's historic building that is well maintained, provides numerous community services and has a well attended congregation, an openly gay pastor. I'm curious why the church featured can't maintain its building and struggles, while immediately across from it another church thrives. This is particularly curious given that the church featured in the video is at the edges of the Woodbridge community, a stable middle class neighborhood.

    Perhaps the real story here is one of some churchs being able to adapt and evolve and others not being able to remain relevant.

    Seems more like a plug for Mitch Albom.

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    You can tell someone's from out of town when they offer Mitch Albom as a noteworthy person.

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    If you're interested in helping Pastor Covington (seen in video above) and the residents of Detroit helped by his ministry, check out the link below to Mitch Albom's Shingle Bells Campaign.

    Though a partial portion of the donations have come in to fix the roof, $20,000 is still needed to finish the job. Any money over and above the necessary donations to fix the Pilgrim Church will go toward repairing other houses of worship that are in need of funds.

    For more information on this great cause, as well as a link to the donation page, please visit:

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    [...] since we all love Mitch Albom, I want all my fellow Lions football fans to check out detroit.blogs.time and tell me what you think about[...]

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