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Byrne on Detroit

I'm a sucker for celebrities who talk about Detroit. Latest find: David Byrne.

The New York Times writes about his new book, which outlines the rock legend's love of the humble bicycle.

“Bicycle Diaries” contains accounts of his travels in distant cities like London, Berlin, Buenos Aires and Manila, as well as some closer to home — New Orleans, San Francisco and Detroit. His description of riding in Detroit is especially good: “I bike from the center of town out to the suburbs. It's an amazing ride — a time line through a city's history, its glory and betrayal.”

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    I read this story on a few weeks ago, similarly styled.

    Two folks on there already butted heads about perceptions on biking in Detroit, but wouldn't you know that places like the Adventure Cycling Association, and AASHTO have already planned and targeted the Detroit area as a corridor for huge projects like the US Bike Route System, and another route of the Underground Railroad Bike Trail?

    I picked up a flyer at The Hub of Detroit (this is the third bicycle-related article I've read and you've missed these guys every time!) about the two projects mentioned above, and both the ACA website and the USBRS maps seem like they could help Detroit become a destination for bicyclists who don't have David Byrne's unrestricted access to everything.

    What kind of bike do you ride? Where are some places you ride on your bike, and how far are they from the Time house? I bet I'm not the only Detroiter on a bike that has wondered what the answers to these questions are!

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    "Glory and Betrayal" -- could be lyrics to a great and touching song, you know?

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    Great comment, ThatKindofObvious.

    I am helping coordinate the U.S. Bike Route System and Underground Railroad bicycle route. I work for the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance (MTGA) as the Detroit Greenways Coordinator. This is just one piece of the many non-motorized projects we have planned or developed for Detroit.

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    Byrne on Detroit - The Detroit Blog -

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    Byrne on Detroit - The Detroit Blog -

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    Byrne on Detroit - The Detroit Blog -

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