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R.I.P. Soupy Sales

He started well ahead of my time, but comedian Soupy Sales -- whose Detroit TV show made him a star in the '50s and '60s -- was still a household name to some of us young'ns even in the early 1970s. I can't say I always got his jokes, but the man had a manic energy that was universally understood among children.

A head nod then to Milton "Soupy" Supman, who passed Thursday at age 83...

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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    Darrell, thanks for this blog entry. I just watched that tape, and it brought back memories. I AM old enough to remember watching him on tv when his show was broadcast on Channel 7 here in Detroit. I was a pre-schooler, and every day I ate lunch with Soupy. He was before Sesame Street, so while the show was in black and white, and he only had a few puppets as props, he related to the kids in the audience, and he was a constant daily presence in our lives.

    RIP Soupy, you made our early days fun with your humor and slapstick. Do the "Soupy Shuffle" all the way to your resting place.

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    ..OH, MAN!...,..Pook!...White Fang("...the meanest doggie in the whole wide world!...") Black Tooth("...the sweetest doggie in the whole wide world!...") The man's hairy arm that always was grabbi' "soup' by the,ah..where the lapel WOULD have been if Soupp=y wasn't wearing his black sweater! ps DID Soupy popularize Levis , first?!....'..Jell-O...It jiggles!...'.. Great Detroit-comic! Only smiles left: No tears!.. Hey, TIME..Ask who remembers Jingles, Poopdeck-Paul, Capt. Jolly, ..Of Course..Johhny Ginger(AND Killer!)..Love 'em ALL!..Oh, Yeah...Milky-the-Clown(winners-2 handfulls of Pennies; Losers-one handfull!).

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