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Glenn Beck: Scumbag

I'm posting light today because of a hectic schedule, meaning weighty topics -- like an apparent attempt by one of Detroit's three casinos to ditch black ownership -- will have to be put on hold.

But I did run across this little item about how Glenn Beck, the FOX News clown-in-residence, dumped on our city for the confusion that erupted at Cobo Hall on Oct. 7. In his never-ending crusade to warp truth beyond all recognition, Beck is using the Cobo incident to somehow suggest that progressive leftists are akin to "slaveowners" because...because...well, because making up stupid stuff is his stock-in-trade.

And because Glenn Beck is, in my estimation, as evil a villain as the Legion of, the GOP...has ever unleashed on American political discourse, a one-man weapon of mass distraction.

In Beck's twisted little bigoted mind, those who showed at Cobo were just ne'er-do-wells trying to cash in on all free money that President Obama is evidently giving away for no good reason. Never mind that our state and its largest city have been devastated by an economic meltdown precipitated by Wall Street greed and nearly a decade of total abdication of oversight responsibility by our Bush-led federal government. Forget that many of those who showed up were victims of that meltdown, just looking to avoid homelessness or for money to pay their heat bills as winter approaches. Forget that many of them were also working men and women desperately trying to hold on.

None of that counts because Glenn Beck has his screwed-up right-wing agenda to pimp, truth be damned. And if that means twisting facts, slamming poor people for being poor and heaping Faux News distortion on a town that's been kicked more than enough by the national media, well, Detroit, that's just how it's going to be.

Yeah, Glenn, the Cobo incident brought out scammers and scumbags, all right. And you, chump, are at the front of the line.

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    [...] Posted by meson This writer tags Beck correctly, SCUMBAG...more at link below. A Detroit Blog writer slams Glenn Beck for twisting the truth about chaos at Cobo Hall on Oct. 7 - T... When you get some blog entry about the October 21 show that I asked about let me have it. I did [...]

  • 2

    Poor Glen Beck, from the morning drive show to Conservative leader and mouthpiece. What a country!!
    Skip the birth certificate. Glen/Rush/Sean, where is the high school diploma?

  • 3

    Well congratulations, Darrell: your invective just cost you a reader. It's really too bad you chose to go so far afield of what I imagine is this blog's intended purpose and resorted to tangential name-calling (GOP=Legion of Doom). I for one had read this blog—daily since its inception—because I was interested in the first-person perspective of a city with a fascinating character that the blog provides. I am not particularly interested in wading through juvenile insults of a political party—I can come up with those on my own if I like—and I would imagine that I am not the only person who feels that way.

    • 3.1

      FWIW, I don't think anyone in the Detroit area is overly infatuated with any/many politicians at present.

    • 3.2

      INVECTIVE, seriously! Overreaction at it's finest (look that up).

    • 3.3

      I agree completely with btz7395.

      Up until now Darrell, you've pretty much kept politics out of this whole thing and stayed pretty much on message. I really, truly have been enjoying your perspective on what's happening with Detroit and looked forward to your blog every day. BUT, the personal and political name calling with turn me off quicker than anything. This shouldn't be about politics: it's about the city. If you feel the need to bring politics into the equation, then I suggest you start by remembering which party has been running things in Detroit for the past 40 years and ask them why things are so bad.

      I'm going to keep reading for now, but if you start fawning over every dump that the Obama adminstration takes (like almost all other media outlets) and bashing anything that doesn't align itself with your political leanings, then you will lose another reader.

    • 3.4

      I would agree with most of what btz7395 says about this article - its disappointing, and I will judge future postings by this particular 'voice' accordingly. Perhaps I should thank you for making your bias clear though?

      To ski - try '' when you don't know what words mean: Invective - 1. vehement or violent denunciation, censure, or reproach.

      I guess though, if you think calling people evil villains or 'one man weapon of mass distraction' isn't too over the top, I can see where 'invective' would be confusing for you.

      Flytiger has it right though - how you can look at what happened at Cobo and not think things are messed up... ?

      My own $.02 - Beck putting the spotlight on this incident is unpleasant for Detroit, but I do question whether Mr. Dawsy's over-the-top verbal beatdown would read the same (or even been mentioned) if the same message had been delivered by another network?

      The facts (unpleasant as they may be) are that many people *thought* it was 'free money' being handed out, and behaved badly. It did not reflect well on that crowd of people, and by virtue of sensationalist local coverage, it found its way to the national level and cast that reflection on all of Detroit. When will people stop blaming the messengers of stories like this and ask, WHY was there a story there in the first place? When will we stop shooting ourselves in the foot like this?

    • 3.6

      @ IRONMATT71 My comment has nothing to do with ME not knowing what the word means, my comment has everything to do with INVECTIVE being a strong word to use in relation to this article...don't insult my intelligence by telling me to look up a definition on GOOGLE. From the real, hard copy dictionary... invective noun. a violent verbal attack!

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    I don't know how anyone can see the scene that unfolded at Cobo and not see that as a community in complete disarray. Wall Street greed is responsible for the economic calamity of the past year? Hasn't greed always been around, why is it just affecting us now?

    I suggest reading Thomas E. Woods' "Meltdown" for a more accurate explanation of how the economy collapsed instead of the Obama/mainstream media story that the free market is the culprit. At least watch this video:

    The people showing up at Cobo are more than capable of providing for themselves without the government, yet they have been failed by public schools, the welfare state, Fed driven inflation, and government regulation that has driven away economic opportunity. Someone needs to shine a light because Detroit is better than a group of people begging for a handout because they have been failed so miserably by their government, which is now holding them captive.

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    I don't think that talking about local Detroit politics while doing a story about Detroit is being political at all. In fact, the majority of the problems being experienced in Detroit right now are a direct result of the decades long criminal "politics" of Detroit.

    I won't engage you in an argument about partisan politics because my opinions differ radically than yours (I too believe that a movement is morphing into something dangerous for America, but I think that it's your movement). Plus, you are not going to change my mind and I'm not going to change yours, so, why bother? Let's just agree to disagree about the national stuff and keep the focus on Detroit :)

    Keep posting the GREAT stories about Detroit!!

    • 6.1

      Do you seriously believe Detroit, the largest US city on an international border and one of the largest (once THE largest) of players in international trade, exists and functions in a vacuum?

      The behaviors of Wall Street and Washington D.C. have major impact on Detroit, perhaps more so than any other region of the country!

    • 6.2

      Not to pile on Detroit, but it is not the largest US city on an international border. Detroit (pop. 0.9 million) trails San Diego (pop. 1.35 million) on that measure. In addition the San Diego-Tijuana border is the busiest land crossing in the world.

      Keep up the great Blog! As a former Midwesterner with family from Detroit, I find it sad to see its decline... but glad to see some attention being paid to it.

      Why has Detroit failed, where other Rust Belt cities(Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago,Milwaukee, Indianapolis) while perhaps not thriving, have not fallen as far and as hard? I think it is due mostly to local and state politics, as well as the lack of coherent industrial policies on the national level.

    • 6.3

      San Diego isn't directly on the border. Detroit is. If you want to extend San Diego to the border by considering sprawl then you also have to consider Detroit's sprawl, which would push it's population to about 4.5 million.

    • 6.4

      Also, while that are may have the busiest border crossing overall, SE Michigan has the busiest ground transport border crossings for commercial trade.

    • 6.5

      Actually San Diego proper does border Mexico. Take a look at a map and you'll see that San Diego sends down a sliver of itself to the border, where it spreads out so that San Diego City proper covers the main pedestrian/auto crossing, and over to Otay Mesa where the main truck and commercial crossing exist. Sorta like how SF City owns SFO even though its 5 miles south of the city!

      But you are correct on the commercial crossing. It just proves that no matter what one thinks of Detroit, its reasons for its fall or its politics, Detroit is a very important player in US industrial scene.

  • 7

    May I add Opportunistic Scumbag?

  • 9

    Just a note from one of my favorite soapboxes, which can be applied to the situation in Detroit as well as anywhere else in the country.

    All that partisan stuff is just a diversion -- it turns attention away from the fact that the problem stems from those who influence and control our politicians of both -- even ALL -- parties. The differences between Democans and Republicats is all superficial in my mind -- they all get behind corporations which have greed for the few as their primary goal rather than any nonsense about what's good for the people.

    So long as the twisted and obscene misinterpretation of the Constitution continues to give corporate entities the same rights as natural human persons (followed by more than a century of precedence which gives more value to corporate "persons'" rights than to the rights of natural human person -- we will never get out from under the thumb of powers which have no interest in our well-being as individuals, as communities, as neighborhoods, as a nation or as an eco-system.

    When the conversation degenerates into finger-pointing and name-calling and labeling everyone and everything into those false dichotomies, it's a dead end, a drain on the energies and waste of the time of the good people who are motivated to try to do something to improve our world. The world is not made up of Good and Evil, of Black and White, of Right and Left, Conservative and Liberal, Democrats and Republicans. In reality, the world is a complex and multifaceted place, full of conflict and inner contradictions, but never doubt that there are those who have strings of real power who are yanking our politicians -- and us along with them -- hither and yon as they will. And as long as we keep focusing on the shadows of "Right" vs "Left" as they dance across the cave wall, we'll never get out into the light much less take the reins back in our own hands.

  • 10

    Of concern to fellow bloggers,

    Being new to this site, I am confused as to why my comment (posted over the weekend) no longer appears in this dialogue.

    If Mr. Dawsey personally chose to remove my comment, and that is allowed on this site, how can we, the public contributors, ever expected to participate?

    If my comments had been salacious, dangerous, threateing or seditious, removal would have proven appropriate.

    However, my comments were rational, objective, but clearly critical of Mr. D's editorial as it relates to Beck.

    No one would accuse me of being right wing, or of being a Beck promotor. However, as I pointed out, his "show" which is comprised of dedicated staff, journalists, and researchers have grown popular not by being "bigots" or "scumbags" or "villians."

    It was Beck's exposure of Van Jones' history, as revealed in video footage of the man that prompted his midight departure from Obabma's staff.

    It was the scrutiny his show offered into the criminal ongoings of Acorn that has prompted the discontinuation of tax-dollar funding to that corrupt organization.

    Mr. Dawsey implies that he is willing to sacrifice readership in the event his followers choose to depart in light of his childish, unresearched, ad hominem attacks...

    That is certainly his right. It is, within the confines of the website his "ball and bat."

    However, to stand in front of the oncoming train that IS the growing masses of independents and moderates who have joined the following of Beck and other honest journalists will prove to be self defeating.

    If Mr. Dawsey has an interest in advancing his position, perhaps, as I suggested in my now-removed comment, he should invite Beck to an interview and challenge the factual accuracy of his comments.

    Something tells me that will not happen. It is easier to toss rocks at glass houses...

    Engaged in Detroit

  • 11


    Guess I'll have to take your word for it that nothing "sinister" had resulted in my post being MIA.

    It is, as I noted, your ball and bat. Just not your city...lot of us share it too.

    Being brand new to this site, I had wrongfully assumed that it would have automatically notifed "posters" when subsequent comments had attached to the thread; apparently not...I'll keep my eyes open as best I can to remain engaged.

    It is not my intention to get into a pissing match with you regarding Glen Beck's superiority to yours, or who has the biggest ego.

    It is tiresome when critcs bloviate and ridicule a person/idea/movement without one hint of factual evidence to support their argument.

    The blogosphere represents the ideal medium to build a reputation and following based purely on opinion. It is not subject to review (by say a responsible editor), nor is there any assurance of accuracey by the blogger.

    But seeing that you represent yourself as a professional journalist, it would be easy to assume that you had done your homework. Clearly in the case of Beck and his show, you have not.

    The critics from either "side" of political arguments are sooo often willing to attack attack attack...until they are challenged on thier facts.

    Your retreat from producing facts is emblematic of the weakness of your positions. From Beck to V. Jones.

    Had you taken a moment to watch a few shows, listen to a few hours of radio, it is hard to imagine how an intelligent American could not find disgust in Van Jones' arguments as were evidenced (note the word "evidence") by his videos.

    You quoted my "growing masses" and followed it with the deeply-engaging "LOL." What exactly did you mean by LOL? My guess is it is largely because you have no leg to stand on... Beck is one of the most watched shows on telvision...cable or otherwise. He has 2, soon to be 3 #1 best sellers...

    If nothing else, concede you are outmatched. By my arguments, as well as Beck's. The real "LOL" is in thinking that Mr. Beck would need/want/require the narrow exposure an interview by YOU would provide...

    My thought was it might be chance for you to move past the High School Yearbook level of professionalism and journalistic integrity you have displayed thus far...I've read every word you have written on here.

    Grow. Open your mind. Quit making faulty arguments with no support...your readers deserve that effort from you.

    Enaged in Detroit

  • 12

    [...] was never investigated or charged and that Fox seems to have no qualms about employing other dubious characters.) I also respect that she says she wants to crusade against domestic violence and get back to TV, [...]

  • 13

    [...] point is that, while fat cats in TV studios and radio booths concerned themselves with insulting our city, pointing sanctimonious fingers and openly scoffing at even the idea of government offering relief [...]

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