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Glenn Beck: Scumbag

I'm posting light today because of a hectic schedule, meaning weighty topics -- like an apparent attempt by one of Detroit's three casinos to ditch black ownership -- will have to be put on hold.

But I did run across this little item about how Glenn Beck, the FOX News clown-in-residence, dumped on our city for the confusion that erupted at Cobo Hall on Oct. 7. In his never-ending crusade to warp truth beyond all recognition, Beck is using the Cobo incident to somehow suggest that progressive leftists are akin to "slaveowners" because...because...well, because making up stupid stuff is his stock-in-trade.

And because Glenn Beck is, in my estimation, as evil a villain as the Legion of, the GOP...has ever unleashed on American political discourse, a one-man weapon of mass distraction.

In Beck's twisted little bigoted mind, those who showed at Cobo were just ne'er-do-wells trying to cash in on all free money that President Obama is evidently giving away for no good reason. Never mind that our state and its largest city have been devastated by an economic meltdown precipitated by Wall Street greed and nearly a decade of total abdication of oversight responsibility by our Bush-led federal government. Forget that many of those who showed up were victims of that meltdown, just looking to avoid homelessness or for money to pay their heat bills as winter approaches. Forget that many of them were also working men and women desperately trying to hold on.

None of that counts because Glenn Beck has his screwed-up right-wing agenda to pimp, truth be damned. And if that means twisting facts, slamming poor people for being poor and heaping Faux News distortion on a town that's been kicked more than enough by the national media, well, Detroit, that's just how it's going to be.

Yeah, Glenn, the Cobo incident brought out scammers and scumbags, all right. And you, chump, are at the front of the line.

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