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TEDxDetroit highlights

Well worth checking out...

Here's a poem by D Blair that paints another picture of Detroit for those who have never been here.

And Chazz Miller sounded pretty brilliant too.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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    Thanks for your support. Detroit is an amazing place filled with amazing people. So any praise can be directed by finding out more about the artists and musicians and hard working people who live here. This is the city where MLK gave the first version of his I Have a Dream Speech, where the auto industry and the UAW was born, home of Baker's Keyboard Lounge, the first jazz club in the country, the home of electronic music and of course Motown. There are a million reasons to love Detroit and believe that our perseverance, creativity and ingenuity will carry us through. If you would like to find out more about my music and poetry you can also visit my website at or Repeatable Silence Records. Thank you. Sincerely, D. Blair

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    What a stunning poem. Thanks for posting it. I want to watch it again and again.

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    Blair truly captures the heart of Detroit with his words. This city is alive and well in it's incredible people - the theater, the music, the artists, the restaurants and all the working class folks that live here and continue to strive to make it better.
    It is an underground, in a way, and those of us that are aware are very grateful to be here.
    Thank you Blair for sharing this beautiful, witty and very honest portrayal of Detroit.

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    Great poem, Blair. I laughed, I cried. The D'll make ya do that. Thanks for posting, Time.

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    Your work gets better and better, Blair. Readers: check out Blair's heartbreaking and beautiful performance of MJ's "Man in the Mirror" at this year's Allied Media Conference:

    Blair, like so many of the Detroit supergeniuses I know, uses his art and analysis to help his city and community rise. Thanks for being who you are Blair!

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    [...] please). The event was called TEDx Detroit, and Time Inc. blogged about it on its Detroit Blog TEDx Detroit Highlights. Well, we’re going to have a TED on the campus of Wayne State University this year if I have [...]

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    That's great. I didn't understand the last post totally because it looks like some words have been cut out. Yes, it was TEDx Detroit. Yes TIME Inc blogged about it in their Detoit blog. I look forward to the event at WSU. There really needs to be one there. Please let me know if there's something I can do to help organize. I had lots of ideas for speakers and organizations etc... once I heard it was being organized. Peace, Blair

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    I loved this poem, it made me teary eyed watching it at the TEDx Detroit conference.

    I was under the impression that the conference was not held in Detroit because there were no quick resources for the organizers to have it there. This was an event planned quickly, and for 'free,' so I just assumed the organizers used their own resources to make it happen. Now that this conference happened, I think it allowed the organizers to find new resources and connections to have the conference be held in Detroit, for 'free.' The more we have these, the easier it will be to find people willing to lend space, time, and most importantly, ideas.

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    [...] We all really love the D, I want all my fellow Lions football fans to check out detroit.blogs and tell me what do you think about[...]

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