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Poor Grosse Pointe

The economy is killing Grosse Pointe. Okay -- just kidding. But the video from does point out how some are cutting back on their favorite brand of bottled water.

TGIF. Laugh along

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    My 24 year old son and I were watching this video whose humor I could appreciate. I'm a Detroit native with lots of friends and family still in Detroit. I love Detroit for all that it has given me and my family. And then the "reporter" asked the two young black children if their parents still had money for drugs and alcohol. Those children are precious and that was inappropriate. I noticed she didn't ask the same questions of the white children in the video. And certainly there's a lot of alcohol consumed in the Grosse Pointes as well as drugs. Probably not so much crack, but perscription drugs, marijuana, powder cocaine, etc. And suburan kids with money certainly use drugs and alcohol. If the white kids are to be respected--and not have their innocence assaulted by inappropraite questions--then don't assault the innocence of these children. Even if you suspect they are not "innocent" and have been exposed to negative impulses, be a bigger person and treat them appropriately.
    Time Magazine should be better than this.

    Silver Spring, MD

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    LMAO - so much so I nearly knocked over my Innocent smoothie! As a Pointer currently living abroad, but who continues to maintain a family home in GPP (my hubby was an auto supplier exec, got downsized last year and subsequently found a bigger, better position with a green energy company here in DK... so take heart, folk in the D - there are jobs out there and your work experience is truly of value in the market!) - I found this both v.v. entertaining, and wince inducing at the same time - lovely!

    BTW, casstech71, as you've no doubt surmised, the video points a satirical mock journalistic finger, saying "hey, okay we all know the stereotypes, people, so let's just laugh at the dumb and outdated cliches, and move on"... Ever watched the multiple Emmy award winning Daily Show? Look, those two insanely cute and charming little "Detroit" girls are just fine, and I'll be willing to bet my WiiFit that they have neither suffered, nor will suffer, any lasting damage to their psyches requiring access to MI's in-any-case-non-existent mental health services... If you feel you must get all indignant, go right ahead, but try muster up a bit for the inarticulate and vapid little "Pointey" child; she came off as rather well on her way to becoming the truly idiotic adult version in the clip, the process of which will surely be aided by the stunning array of prescription/recreational drugs and alcohol she will be exposed to as a child of the Pointes ... Which, of course, was the whole point! Isn't satire wonderful?

    We in and of the D have spent - and from your comment, continue to spend - way way WAY too much time getting all indignant about, going on and on and on about, the whole black vs white / burbs vs the city / the "haves" and the "have nots" nonsense. That debate WAS relevant sometime ago, before the world economy imploded, pushed our lovely city to the very edge of the abyss, and turned the whole perceived socio-economic hierarchy of D on it's head. Time Magazine's entire series on our home town is to enlighten and inform its readers (and hopefully inject a bit of reason and bring a little hope) about Detroit and the little piece of it in every US city and town; sharing who we are, what we were, how we got here, how we're fairing today, and how we just might find a way to reverse our long slow decline as a community - a community comprised of amazing, beautiful, diverse individuals (something I believe is our greatest strength).

    Look, we can do it, if we all - those in town, those outta town, those who've never ever been to this town - stay focused on what's relevant now, leave the old tired paradigms behind us, and channel our indignation as well as point those big chipped shoulders towards creating something new and better...


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    "Isn't satire wonderful?"

    Good point. This whole Time blog is just one big satire, right? The nationally embedded media mocking the gravity of the local situation in context by glossing over the real issues and the efforts of those to address those issues, that's the joke right?

    Well, for some folks it's actually quite serious. Hell, for kids trying to get OUT of GP (why would they ever do that?!) it's quite serious. How are those kids ever going to learn how to live on their own?

    This is Time magazine, right? Partners with CNN? Didn't "the multiple-Emmy-winning Daily Show" just take them to task for their shoddy reporting? Should the same lens be applied here?

    If Time magazine's paid journalists have time to dig up jokes, shouldn't they have time to volunteer at their local community garden, or help teach kids how to read at a local school?

    The fact that they'd rather tell jokes than actually get a real story - that's the real story I want to hear about. Maybe I'll embed myself on their front lawn and google up some jokes about it.

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