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The Mayor Who Won't Go Away

It's been more than a year since Kwame Kilpatrick disgracefully left Detroit's mayor's office. Yet he remains an intriguing news fixture. Yesterday, a judge in Wayne County, Mich., which includes Detroit, ordered Kilpatrick to disclose his financial records within 10 days. In recent weeks, the former mayor – whose once-promising political career was dashed after he was convicted of obstruction of justice, and perjury – has sought to avoid paying most of the $1 million he owes taxpayers as part of that case's settlement. Never mind his apparently lavish lifestyle in suburban Dallas.

(See this story from Detroit NBC affiliate WDIV-TV:

Kilpatrick's lawyer, Michael Schwartz, is seeking to have Judge David Groner removed from the case. Kilpatrick is expected to appear in a courtroom later this month to address the situation. The cast of characters is growing. Should be entertaining. Or a headache. Stay tuned.

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    In many ways, Kwame is a tragic character. He was a better than average state rep. and a smart guy with a personality as big as his suits. He suffered from believing his own press. He (and his momma) both seemed to believe that he was Detroit and what was good for Kwame was good for the city. Detroit needs some politicians who don't view their election as a license to steal.

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