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Chaos at Cobo

What in the world is happening to Detroit?

At least five people have been hurt in the rush and push as homeless Detroiters apply for financial aid at Cobo Arena (our big convention center in downtown Detroit). The Salvation Army was out there at the behest of the city police department to try to help those waiting in line (some since 5 a.m.) with food and water.

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    People are desperate. I have not read the details but maybe they needed more police to create some kind of order. Were they not expecting this many people? Seems a little odd if they did not .........

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    I live in Macomb County and its bad here too. I pass the Department of Family a couple times a week and have never seen the parking lot so packed. It's not just Detroit that's fallen on hard times its all of Southeastern MI.

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    I hate to sound heartless, but I sure saw a lot of people in the lines (in the news reports that I saw) talking on their cell phones. Maybe, for some of them anyway, their pain was partly self-inflicted due to choices that they had made. One reason why Detroit has fallen on such hard times was the union mentality of many of the people. The company that I used to work for before I retired had operations in Detroit, and I spend a lot of time there. We took every opportunity we could to move work out of Michigan because labor was a lot cheaper elsewhere. More flexible labor at a much better cost elsewhere.

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    Where's FEMA when we need them badly,,oops I forgot there still working on New Orleans.

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    Those in the mob applied for stimulus funds that ARRA provided to cities and the state (and state funds were distributed by formula). This is actually a really interesting story if you consider the way the funds were supposed to be distributed (and are being distributed across the state)...

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    [...] since we all love Cobo and Downtown Detroit, I want all my fellow Lions football fans to check out detroit.blogs.time and tell me what you think about[...]

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