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Showing Love To Brightmoor

Talking about murder to close out a Friday, frankly, left a bad taste in my mouth. So from here on out, I'll make it a point not to close out a week on a down note again. (And I'm sure now you'll check me if I do.)

To atone, I wanted to post a link to a little something positive about the spirit of the city before I signed off for the week. Found a great story about Brightmoor, a resilient westside community where a lot of my in-laws grew up...It's seen its challenges, but the residents are facing them head on -- and seeing some successes. If you want to understand Detroit, you gotta know places like "Brightmo'," as my brothers-in-law call it. Props to Model D for the wealth of reporting.

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    Great story about Brightmoor! Community Development Corporations around the city are making a huge difference in neighborhoods like Brightmoor. Another CDC that's located in Southwest Detroit, the city's most diverse area, is Urban Neighborhood Initiatives ( Its Springdale Initiative of the Springwells Village Development Collaborative is an exciting model that can be replicated in other neighborhoods around the city. Good things are happening in Detroit!

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    A great way to end the week...sharing a positive story about Detroit. Thank you! Spending a day doing Blight Buster's this summer was one of my highlights. And Chaz Miller's muriels are fabulous!

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    Thanks for shouting out, "The Mo!" This is good information for people who don't drive through and see the new housing. I hope these plans as well as the city's "Next Detroit" neighborhood initiative really take root.

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    [...] since we all love Brightmoor, I want all my fellow Lions football fans to check out detroit.blogs.time and tell me what you think about[...]

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    The Detroit Blog Finds Good News In Detroit’s Brightmoor Neighborhood - The Detroit Blog -

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