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Reid to the Rescue

Can't say I'm wild about Nevada Senator Harry Reid, as he usually strikes me as too soft to take on those crazy Republicans. Still, the Senate majority leader gets a head nod for coming to our defense today...

And don't front like you didn't read which magazine he was waving around to make his point, either...

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    This is very cool. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
    You're already making a difference, and you still have nearly a year to go. Thank you.

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    I have enjoyed reading Time's coverage of Detroit as I feel this is a great service for the City, but is it really necessary for you to be so partisan? This is the second time I have noticed that you made it a point to slam the Republican Party. (The other is when you compared the GOP to strippers.)

    And for what?

    Because it's the cool thing to do?

    Please remember that there hasn't been a Republican on the Detroit City Council since 1974, a Republican Mayor since 1962 or a Republican Congressional Representative since 1965.

    This is not to say that Detroit would have been better off with Republican representation or that the party is not without fault. But it hasn't been members of the Republican Party who have been embarrassing Detroit with the "crazy" antics these past few years.

    • 2.1

      Don't think for a second that just because there haven't been any GOP members in office locally that GOP policies at the state and federal level have not impacted Detroit.

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    The accompanying article (when you click on "coming to our defense") says it all. Mr. Reid has been "at odds" with the doubt he wasn't too keen on helping them with the loans. Didn't we try to get it through people's heads that no automakers = no Detroit? He apparently didn't notice our blown out windows then. Only now when HE wants something, probably to help his own state, he's using US as a prop. It doesn't surprise me, but it's maddening none the less.

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      We tried to get the nationwide importance of the automakers through everybody's heads, but they all believed the automakers' status didn't affect them since they weren't Detroit or Michigan. With their narrow field of view they didn't realize that voting down funding for the automakers meant they were also killing off all of their dealerships and suppliers. They had no clue of the breadth of impact the auto industry has. They ignored the fact that the auto industry has one of the highest job multipliers of all industries (ancillary jobs supported for every one job in the plant).

      Now, of course, some in Congress are trying to pass legislation about the dealership closings because - surprise! - their constituents are affected. Sorry, guys, but you politically ceded any control over this issue when you implicitly agreed to kill all dealerships by voting to let the automakers go down.

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    This wasn't about Michigan at all. Nevada is one of the "select" few states to also get this federal funding so he's diverting attention from the fact that this is about getting federal dollars back into his home state. Of course Michigan is desperate for this kind of aid right now but does Nevada's situation even compare or merit similar federal help or is just Reid padding some pork onto the bill.

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    Mr. Dawsey....
    You and your magazine have given us a have no idea how much that means, and Karen248 you are right, we need the help no matter what. At the same time though, I'd love it if people like Mr. Reid would take a look at posts such as anounceofactio's (above)......which eloquently explains how we feel.
    This city could have been dead already if not for people who actually understood the consequences of the automakers dying, and yes, it would be counterproductive and stupid to turn down help now.
    Just tell Mr. Reid and people like him that we know this "help" he is giving us is for his benefit, not ours, and we won't forget he wasn't there when we really need him.

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    This is a link to a USA Today article about where the stimulus money is going for highway repair. Per Detroit:
    "Detroit, which has about a third of Michigan's bad roads, will get only about 10% of the state's repair money. "It's just not fair," says Hassan Saab, a highway engineer for Wayne County, Mich., which includes Detroit.

    State officials acknowledge Detroit's roads are in dire need of work, but say they didn't have enough ready-to-go projects there."

    So they will just let the Detroit roads get worse. Interesting how Detroit, which is 99% Democrat, gets the short end of the stimulus money. Of course, the politicians in DC know they don't have to buy votes here, as they do in Missouri, or other parts of Michigan, where one constantly sees expensive highway signs that the government stimulus money is at work.

    I really think that the Time journalists such as Darrell Dawsey above have to not assume that all Republicans are crazy, as he states, unless you want to substantiate those accusations one by one. As a doctor who deals quite a bit with psychiatric patients, I do not see Republicans having a higher incidence of mental illness. Mental illness shows up in all political parties, and is not partisan, as Mr. Dawsey apparently is.

    • 7.1

      If you bothered to read the article you linked to you'd learn that project approvals for the funding were determined at the state level, not in DC, thus your partisan premise is off the mark.

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    Maybe you have missed some elections, but Michigan is totally controlled by Democrats, who are closely tied to the Obama administration. For instance, Gov J. Granholm is a Dem, as are Senators Levin and Stabenow. Engler (a former Republican governor) is out, and has been for several years. Governor Granholm is so tightly woven into the Obama rubrick that she was one of the final 6 candidates for the Supreme Court opening that S. Sotomayor was appointed to. However, since S.Sotomayor was appointed in part for her "empathy" (Prez Obama) it appears that J. Granholm is not empathetic enough. Rightly judged (no pun intended), Granholm does not have the empathy for Detroit's horrible roads (judged the worst in the country, along with NYC's "lesser boroughs"). These locations conveniently vote heavily Dem, so don't need to be bought with money and highway signs.

    I am personally am neither Republican or Democrat, but just think this reeks of partisan politics, once again leaving Detroit behind. But hey, you can deal with the potholes if you like, but the cost of accidents, tires, and other damages weigh heavily on Detroiters and the insurance industry here. Detroiters pay more in car repairs and insurance premiums as a result.

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    The House and everyone else is Democrat. The House does the majority of highway funding allocation, and especially would have power with Obama's stimulus (the buy vote) $$$.

    • 9.1

      Nothing gets passed without Senate approval.

      Anyway, your premise also doesn't work because Detroit's home county is getting the most $$ of all state counties. The problem is the disarray in City of Detroit government in the wake of the Kilpatrick administration. The State has even withheld revenue sharing funding a few times because the City hasn't had its paperwork done timely and accurately. It's taken all of the interim Cockrel administration and now part of Bing's to start getting stuff straightened out.

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    So others, like Time magazine, want to throw things back on "crazy Republicans?" I really don't think they control the state, since there are a majority of national and state politicians here who are Democrats.

    What is your reference for the specific breakdown for the allocation of highway stimulus money in the state and particularly for so much of going to Wayne County? Are you saying it's all going Downriver? Where? Most of Wayne County still seems very bumpy. Is that little bit of 696 construction in Wayne, and is it from Stim Money? I see no stimulus signs posted there, and it's been going on and off for awhile.

    Reference for the lack of Detroit paperwork causing stim $$$ going elsewhere?

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    "What is your reference for the specific breakdown for the allocation of highway stimulus money in the state and particularly for so much of going to Wayne County?"

    It's in the USA Today link you posted. Hover your mouse over the state of Michigan.

    "Reference for the lack of Detroit paperwork causing stim $$$ going elsewhere?"

    From the same USA Today link you posted ~ "State officials acknowledge Detroit's roads are in dire need of work, but say they didn't have enough ready-to-go projects there"

    and from - "Detroit may have rough roads, but it will not get as much federal stimulus money as first thought because it didn't have enough projects ready to go in time."

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