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Winter's warning

Add this to the disturbing list of statistics about Detroit. DTE, the state's largest utility company, told The Detroit News for a story today that about 400,000 of its 3.2 million customers statewide are behind on their energy payments.

The number of people struggling to pay their heating bills is extreme. Check out the whole story

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    I saw a line, yesterday, more than a mile long, down Woodward, of the "lazy Obama socialist party supporters" looking for more handouts. Ya, you heard me...... LAZY Detroiters. Has anyone ever read a sign that said "Don't feed the Ducks"? Well, get a clue! Quit feeding the lazy Detroit populous. If you don't want to work, get out. Detroit doesn't need any more pity, more handouts, more social programs, ADC, more welfare, more stupid rants and editorials and stupid fund raising charity events. Detroit needs YOU to support with jobs, not offer hand outs, to the lazy people. Detroit needs the big three to pull their heads out of their arses and start building cars back in Detroit, that compete with Honda, Toyota, VW, BMW.........on and on and on and on and on! I about had a heart attack seeing Buick's built in CHINA! WTF is this all about!!!! I want my bailout tax money back! "F" China! Where is Detroit in this equation! Has the big three and the politicians of this country all lost there minds?? If it's the union and UAW, send them packing to hell. WE NEED JOBS IN DETROIT! WE INVENTED THE ASSEMBLY LINE! WE INVITED THE MIDDLE CLASS! WE BUILT THE WAR MACHINE FOR TWO WORLD WARS! Stand up and be proud! Go to Detroit historical society, spend some time learning about the once proud city you are now laying to waste. Raise your neighborhoods from the ashes. Get involved in your schools. Take your city back. Throw the drug dealers, the guns, the gangs, the corrupt politicians out and get some folks in there to be your proud spokesmen. I sob when I visit the city I knew in my childhood. So much promise. Now I see a wasteland with little oasis's of green beautiful old neighborhoods (glimmers of hope) with burned out hulks around the block (every time I visit there is a fire, no different today). Kids in gangs roaming the streets, with guns no less, instead of being in school. Why are these punks with pants hangin off their arses, walking the streets during school hours not thrown into detention? WAKE UP COPS and schools. Detroit needs those who remain to stand up united in turning it back to the best place on earth to live. It once was! It can be again....I see it in the downtrodden yet determined, stubborn, and positive people I talk to when I visit. Those people need to stand up and be counted. This is the Detroit I remember in my youth and envision in the future. Detroit doesn't need your pity or your phony charities, welfare or handouts. It needs leaders from every walk of life, folks that want to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Take that...and put it in your pipe and smoke it "Time"!

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    Winter’s warning - The Detroit Blog -

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