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Detroit's personality shines on site

Based on my previous post about biking in Detroit, a new friend sent me to this site. If you've never been to Detroit, you will learn a lot about why I love living here by checking out these pictures. Its author, a regular biker, calls it "an Urban Cycling diary."

Read it and enjoy the view from

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    Great Blog! You seem very interested in the bike phenomenon going on in this city. You have to check out Beat The Train in Detroit.
    A fabulous, informative, and fun ride from Historic Fort Wayne through the city, ending at mexicantown for an unbelievable breakfast. Saturdays at 6am!

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    Welcome to Detroit. Thanks for the link to the blog.

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    Please remember that the nearby suburbs are also experiencing a domino-like effect due to the city's economic decline. Especially ones like, River Rouge - which is essentially Detroit, that was heavily dependent upon heavy industry for nearly 90 years, are now looking to the creative community for transformation from Post Industrial blight, to a 21st Century optimism.
    There are dozens of examples of how art and artists will begin to reverse this trend all over the Detroit area, all one has to do is look.

    Great art comes from living in the great wrong place.
    Munich after WWI, the early 50's in NYC, Manchester, England in the 1980s and now Detroit, were-and are hotbeds of expressionism. The need to fill social, economic and psychological voids lead to this expression (or better)-compulsion to create.

    You'll find this to be a very unique place, filled with diverse and passionate people- be they white, black, Latino or whatever, all with a collective chip on their shoulder.
    If we didn't have it, we wouldn't have the passion needed to be Detroiters, to survive, remake and transform.
    Welcome to the New Munich!

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