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(Honolulu) Blue Monday

Nineteen losses and counting. And like the rest of the Lions faithful, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Detroit's got enough problems without suffering through the Monday morning blues every NFL season.

But what, really, are we prepared to do about it?

We've changed players, GMs and coaches like underwear. I know we can't dump the owner — but maybe it's time to think about the owner dumping us. Maybe it's time to consider something like "The Cleveland Browns" option. Remember when the NFL let the Art Modell-owned Browns become the Baltimore Ravens, with the stipulation that the Browns' logo, color scheme and franchise records stayed behind?

I'm not saying the NFL would even agree to something like this in Detroit. But what about you, sports fan?  If you were part of the long-suffering Lions faithful, what would you do? After 46 years of football mediocrity, would you be willing to say goodbye to your hometown team — if it meant an ironclad promise  of a new owner and the same logo, color scheme and franchise records?

Or do you just hang on to what you've got and get your feelings crushed Sunday after Sunday?

I'm curious to know what you think...

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    a few years back, my friend and i photographed the Lions training facility. it is a beautiful place, with a full indoor field (the "dirt" was ground up tire). the most impressive spot was Ford's office. the floor was bamboo, the place was just beautiful. the assistant that was helping us that day had stated that mr. Ford had been to this office once. the training facility had been opened an entire year.
    this resonates throughout the team and franchise. there just seems to be a disinterest throughout the organisation.
    Compare this to mr. Illitch's Tigers and the great Red Wings. mr.Illitch worked his way up to the top financially....and continues to be an active member in the Tigers and Red Wings organisations.
    i just feel awful for the Lions, because they can be so much more, and the city is always behind them every season. my cousin still keeps his season tickets. he's at every home game, along with my brother-in-law.....tailgate party and all. it would be phenomenal to give these die-hard fans a winning season, and a team they could really be proud of

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    If this puts things into perspective: There are Detroit Lions all over the U.S. It doesn't matter where former Michiganders move, once a Lions fan, always a Lions fan. Step into the "Lion's Den" at Beef O'Brady's in Punta Gorda, Fla. The Southwest Florida Lions Club meets every Sunday to cheer on our boys, win or lose. You cannot remove the Lions from Detroit. They are one and the same.

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    Well, as a lifelong fan of the Detroit Lions, I'm all for your suggestion of moving the "clueless ownership" out of Detroit. I'm sick to death of the horrible records that we've held over the last couple years, and the problems with the general manager. I'm tired of defending myself for continuing to be a fan of this team.

    Don't get me wrong - the team plays their heart out and they are trying. We need a fresh start with fresh ownership. I don't want to see 0-32 this year.

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    While I agree Ford Sr seems a bit clueless, maybe just letting Jr or one of the other Fords have more of a hand in its management will do the trick. After all, it took Jr. calling out his dad in the national media to finally get rid of Millen.

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    The Detroit Lions will never leave the Michigan, and after Mr. Ford SR. is gone, his son will take the reins of the franchise, and while this may not be the answer Lions fans are looking for as far as change in ownership, I truly believe the son will turn this club around, maybe not into a powerhouse franchise, but at least a respectable team. While junior was vocal in 1999 pleading with his father to bring Matt Millen onboard as team president, and remained vigilant until his father succumbed, he was also vocal, albeit 7 years too late, for his father to fire him, just 2 days after his dad was in the press saying Millens job was safe with the organization. Junior has been a part of this mess, and I think he has leqarned a great deal from all of this, which he will be able to do someday. As far as my thoughts regarding the lions leaving our area because of their past- No!! They are a part of our sports town, we in Detroit have been blessed with championships in baseball, basketball, hockey, college basketball, and a share of the number 1 ranking in football all in the last 25 years, how many other areas can stake that claim? While the Lions might not have a championship belt, they do have the hearts of many of us, if they ever do win a Super Bowl, this town will erupt, it is the final piece to detroits championship sports puzzle

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    [...] what you want about WC Ford's half-century mishandling of the Lions on the field (and I've said plenty), he's almost always been a class act off it. And believe it or not, I'd rather endure back-to-back [...]

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